The Applied Labs bring research at Industrial Design Engineering one step further than the conventional tests in a lab setting, in that the product or product service is designed for, and evaluated in a more realistic and thus more complex setting. This will lead to new insights and better predictions of users interactions in the real world environment. 

The Foundational Labs (F-Labs for short; also known as DE-Labs) contain all our facilities for the testing of materials, parts and products. These include e.g. tensile test benches for materials characterisation, UV lamps for accelerated aging of plastics, micro-test benches, ovens, and so on. The Labs comprise four separate rooms: the CHEM-Lab for controlled and safe experiments involving aggressive chemicals, the MAT-Lab for large- and small-scale materials testing (used mainly, but not exclusively, for plastics and natural materials), the PAP-Lab for work on parts and products, and the UTT-Lab for trials involving ubiquitous ICT. The PAP-Lab doubles as the workspace for several staff members. F-Labs supervision is done by Fred den Elzen, with back-up by Herman Broekhuizen. Access is restricted to IDE staff members; students and guest researchers can obtain temporary access, provided they are involved in DE-approved research projects.

Contact person

Martin Verwaal