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Communication Department IDE

As Delft designers, you already know a thing or two about communication, so how can you benefit from the faculty’s Communication services? Read on to find out how we might help.

What we do

Our mission as IDE Communications is to change the narrative of design to Delft Design. There are as many definitions of design as there are schools of design, but we aim to shine the spotlight on design as taught, studied and researched here at IDE. In other words, design which aims to match the evolution of people with the revolution of technology. Design for societal impact.

We offer a combination of strategic advice and practical support:

Online Profiles

As an IDE researcher you need to be findable – by potential collaborators, funding bodies and perhaps media.  The starting point for this is setting up your profile page which summarises your research focus, academic background, links to key publications and so on.  All new research staff should receive a link to the online profile page form from their department secretary. Please take the time to complete and submit the form so that we can get to work building your page. It sets the stage for how the world finds you. Need to make a change to an existing profile? You can use the same form.

Personal profile form:

Research Project Pages

Are you currently working on a research project that you would like to share with peers or stakeholders? The IDE research webpages are structured around 7 research platforms and keywords so that people can easily find relevant researchers and projects. On these platforms, we showcase several active research projects. Do you want your project to be featured on these platforms as well?

Research project form:

Perhaps you developed a new design tool or method that you would like to share with the world via the Designing Design Research page? Contact us at so that we can help arrange this.

Delft Design Stories

Delft Design Stories take many forms. From podcasts to opinion pieces, from long reads to short films, these stories are developed for audiences beyond the academic community. They highlight the way in which Delft Design brings about societal impact in the application areas of Sustainability, Health and Mobility.  Often a researcher or a team is at the centre of the story, emotional connections helps bring the academic topic to life. 
Do you have an idea for a Delft Design story?  Please contact with the Subject: Delft Design Story.

Multimedia creation (films and photos) 

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Strong visuals or rich media like films or animations can make all the difference in whether a research story attracts attention. Many of the visuals we use in Delft Design stories come from within the IDE Community but we also have experience in commissioning photography, developing scripts and directing films. We can help manage this creative process or put you in touch with the right creatives.


Have you been approached by the media? Or Perhaps you have a newsworthy breakthrough? Contact us at for advice or assistance in preparing for media appearances.

Social Media

At IDE we are active on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, with LinkedIn being the biggest and most impactful platform. The stories of our researchers and lecturers find a lot of traction there. We also have an IDE YouTube channel, where you can find a selection of our films. We use the official IDE social media channels to drive audiences to Delft Design stories, and to promote IDE events or share breaking news.

We can also advise you in your own social media use and personal branding as IDE TU Delft researcher and/or lecturer. Do you want to have a chat on this or have something newsworthy to share? Tip us off via As we want IDE social media to be truly social, we encourage you to follow us and like, share or comment on our posts. Use the hashtag #DelftDesign and tag your colleagues. Help spread the word on #Delft Design!

IDE Newsletter

The IDE newsletter lands in the inbox of all IDE staff and students almost every Thursday of the academic year. Do you have relevant news or an idea for future feature, please contact

For publication on a Thursday, we ask you to submit a draft by Monday. Your text should consist of a short introduction of no more than 280 characters (inclusive of spaces), which will appear in the body of the newsletter.  Any additional text will be published on a related webpage or intranet page (indicated by a “Read on” link). Texts should be supplied in English, ideally with a Dutch translation. All texts will be edited by Communication IDE.

Please provide at least one good quality picture with your text (minimum 1MB) which can work as a thumbnail in the newsletter. Finally, don’t forget to include any important links.

Net presenters

Around the faculty you will see screens sharing information about up-and-coming events and key news relevant to our community.

Want to propose a net presenter slide? Please consider that it should be of interest to most people in the faculty and that there should be a clear association with TU Delft. Send your slide or idea to at least one week in advance. You may submit a maximum of one slide per event or announcement.

Slides appear on screen for just 10 seconds so less is more. Focus on creating a slide which is eye catching and readable in short time. Text should be limited to 40 words or less.
Please deliver your slide as a 1920x1080 pixels JPG or PNG file. We are unable to edit your slide or create your slide for you. We may send it back to you if improvements need to be made.

Uni Life App

Do you have an event which is of particular interest to the student community? Another way of promoting this is by posting the event in the Uni Life App.  

You can download the app from the app store or:

Register and post activities: Fill in the department/faculty name at the location of the association.

IDE Communication organises a number of faculty-wide events per year, including Summer Thoughts and a Winter Warmer before the Christmas Holidays. Smaller events are organised with the support of department secretaries, but IDE Communication can play an advisory role.  For large scale events, which involve multiple faculties and outside parties, TU Delft’s Event Solutions team provide advice and practical support.

Student Recruitment

Communication IDE helps attract the Delft Designers of the future through its work on student recruitments. Working with the Education & Student Affairs team and a team of student assistants,  we develop recruitment material and put on recruitment events such as open days so that high school students and international students can make a choice about whether a programme at IDE is right for them.

TU Delft Corporate Design

For information on the correct use of logos, fonts and other aspects of the TU Delft look and feel, please visit the TU Delft Corporate Design (huisstijl) pages.

IDE Presentation

This presentation (link to follow) helps tell the story of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. Feel free to use it for presenting IDE if you are invited to give a lecture or presentation outside the faculty. Feel free to adapt this presentation.

Photo archives

Do you need a photo of life at IDE or TU Delft for use in a presentation or publication? Find out about how to use TU Delft’s photo sharing site here.

Meet the team

Julia Candy

Communications Manager

Communications manager of the faculty of IDE

Marc de Kool

Communications Consultant

Press contact, science communication, internal communication, communications advice, social media
Jojanneke van den Bosch

Jojanneke van den Bosch

Content management and publishing, online strategy and design, social media.

Costanza Milano

Mobility | Society

Student Employees

Thomas Nieuwendijk

Events, information, dream teams

Meike Huisman

Social Media

Marinka Roest

Newsletter, website, visuals
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