Communication IDE

The department of Communication is responsible for the communication policy of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering and coordinates the implementation of this policy.


The department of Communication is housed in room C-4-180 and can be reached by e-mail at

Julia Candy

Communications Manager

Communications Manager of the faculty of IDE

Esther Erkelens

Communications officer

General communication, photography, newsletter, netpresenter, graphics/corporate identity

Monique van Biljouw

Communications officer

Education information, events, exhibition materials, corporate identity

Marc de Kool

Communications consultant

Press contact, science communication, internal communication, communication advice

Mitra Smit

Online Communications consultant

Content manager, website (, employee portal, social media, online policy & advice

Carlita Kooman

Communications officer

Collection manager Henri Baudet Institute, events, exhibitions

Work students

Laura van Overhagen

Newsletter, website

Thomas Nieuwendijk

Events, information, dream teams

Sophie Holierhoek

Graphic Designer

Maureen Sanchez de Bouvé


Meike Huisman

Social Media

Marinka Roest

Newsletter, website, visuals

Communications resources

Do you wish to create a flyer or brochure for a certain research or education activity? We can help with that. It is in both our interests that IDE communication looks professional, and recognizable as both TU Delft and IDE through corporate identity standards. Please contact us to sit together and determine the best fashion.

Brochures and presentations

The department is responsible for creating booklets, brochures, flyers, and several presentations:

  • Brochures
  • Corporate presentation
  • Presentation for school education information

Website and social media

The website and all underlying pages are under the responsibility of Communication. For edits, remarks, questions, and advice, please contact Mitra Smit. Furthermore, the faculty is active on social media:

Promotional gifts

Communication develops IDE-related promotional gifts for its own events. You can view and order them in our room C-4-180.
Are you looking for TU Delft promotional gifts? Please contact the TU Shop in the TU Delft Auditorium.

Internal communication resources

  • Employee newsletter: weekly, all employees of the faculty are informed about the latest news through an email newsletter. This letter is a collection of all news and agenda on the homepage and employee portal.
  • Screens (netpresenter) and posters in the building.

Events and education information

Press and science communication

The faculty of IDE has a wide array of appealing research and projects, which generates media attention. Communication is the first point of contact for the press; specifically our communications consultant, Marc de Kool.