Subject Editorships

Memberships of editorial boards

(Co-)organized conferences

  • ‘Knowledge Collaboration & Learning for Sustainable Innovation’, the 2010 ERSCP-EMSU conference. 

(Secondary) affiliations

Several DfS team members have a primary affiliation elsewhere, while DfS is their secondary affiliation, or reversed, DfS is their primary affiliation and they have a secondary affiliation elsewhere.

  • Prof. dr. Angèle Reinders also works at University of Twente
  • dr. Jaco Huisman also works at United Nations University in Bonn, Germany
  • dr. Renee Wever also works at University of Limerick, Ireland

Networks and societies

Jury memberships

  • 'Duurzame Lintjes', Royal Environmental Awards  (Han Brezet)
  • Gasterra Energy Transitions Award (Han Brezet)
  • EISA Green Award for television and smart phone (Renee Wever, Jaco Huisman, Bas Flipsen) until 2013
  • Dutch Design Awards: MINI Young Designer Award (J.C. Diehl)