The Model Making and Machine Lab (PMB) is intended for manufacturing prototypes and models. Most PMB-rooms are located at the faculty's ground floor. There is a substantive workplace in the basement of the building (flexruimte). The materials shop is also located in the basement.


After guidance of an employee or a student assistant to learn the machines, you can work individually.
Prior to using the lathes and milling machines, following an instruction is mandatory. You can arrange this instruction with one of the employees in the PMB.

Safety & houserules

  • The workshop is for IO students and employees only.
  • Wearing a protective coat and steel toe safety shoes is mandatory.
  • While using machinery, you have to wear safety glasses.
  • You have to leave a clean workspace.
  • You always have to follow the instructions of the employees and student assistants.


MethodPriceFile type
3D printingFree.STL
Laser cutting€0,42 per minute + materials or .DXF
Foam milling €10 per model + materials costs.STL or .STEP
CNC milling €25 per model + materials costs.SLDPRT or .STEP
TurningMaterials costs onlyWork drawing
MillingMaterials costs onlyWork drawing
Vacuum formingMaterials costs onlyMold

A wide variety of materials is available in the materials shop in the basement of the faculty building. Ask for the possibilities and the available materials. This is for IO-students only.

Submitting files

All files can be submitted from Monday till Friday from 08:30 till 09:30 AM.

Materials list

Don van Eeden