Dr. Akdag Salah, A.A.

Almila Akdag Salah is a senior researcher at the Designing Intelligence-Lab, a newly established Delft-AI lab as part of TU Delft's AI Initiative. She also holds an appointment as an assistant professor at Information and Computing Sciences, Utrecht University.

Academic Background

Almila received her PhD from the Art History Department of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), focusing on technoscience art and its place in the art historical canon. She was one of the first Digital Humanities Fellows of UCLA. Upon completing her Ph.D., she became a Postdoctoral researcher with the Virtual Knowledge Studio (KNAW) – Knowledge Space Lab project, which contributed to the new research area of maps of science. Almila joined the Digital Methods Initiative (University of Amsterdam, New Media Studies) with an NWO VENI grant on the online art platform deviantArt. 

She is currently the Visual Media and Interactivity WG leader at DARIAH (the Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities), and a member of ISKO (International Society for Knowledge Organization), Low Countries.

Almila Akdag Salah

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