Allen, P. van

Philip van Allen is Program Coordinator/Researcher AI at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) working to build a long term research effort for the design of Artificial Intelligence.

Academic Background

With a background in Cognitive Psychology and software, Phil is a researcher, educator, and consultant with experience in startup, corporate, entertainment, research, and academic contexts. He works at the intersection of tangible interaction, AI/ML, IoT, and the new ecologies these create. He has developed an approach to the design of AI called Animistic Design which gives diverse, fictional personalties to smart things. In addition, he focuses on the prototyping of smart things, and created the Delft AI Toolkit — a no-code, visual authoring system for sketching and prototyping smart things.

Involved in the project(s)


The New Ecology of Things

Editor, Chapter: Models
ISBN: 978-0979349508

Big Data. Big Design

Why Designers Should Care About Machine Learning - Essay: Animistic Design
ISBN: 9781616899158

Designing Smart Objects in Everyday Life

ISBN: 9781350160125