Dr. Boyle, J. H.

Jordan Boyle is an Assistant Professor  at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering exploring Robotics and associated technologies. Jordan Boyle has primarily worked in the field of mobile robotics, focussing on both control (specifically biologically-inspired control) and hardware system design. He has also worked on smaller side projects in the fields of manufacturing processes (mainly additive manufacturing) and the design of experimental apparatus (for medical research).

Academic Background

Jordan Boyle joined the Sustainable Design Engineering department in TU Delft's Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering as Assistant Professor in April 2022.

Prior to that, Jordan Boyle was a member of academic staff (first Lecturer then Associate Professor) in the School of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leeds (UK) for 11 years. During that time his main research focus was mobile robotics for exploration of hard to access areas, though he maintained a number of other side projects.

Before becoming a member of academic staff at Leeds, Jordan Boyle spent about a year as a postdoc on an EU funded project that sought to develop mobile robots for operation in the human colon. Before that he had a one year independent fellowship funded by the EPSRC, during which he developed a biologically inspired worm robot based on his PhD research.

His PhD was supervised by Professor Netta Cohen in the School of Computing at Leeds, and was in the field of computational neuroscience. Specifically, he applied computational modelling (and data processing) to understand and replicate the neural control of locomotion in the nematode worm C. elegans.

Prior to that, Jordan Boyle did an MSc by research in the school of Electrical Engineering at the University of Cape Town (South Africa), also in the field of computational neuroscience, which was preceded by an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering at the same institution.