Ir. Crone, H.E.C.

Henk Crone is lecturer at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering.

Academic Background

After graduating form Industrial Design Engineering in 2000, I started in Delft at a company where I was the first product designer. After lots of product designs and realizations, leading the design team and winning design awards, I decided to start my own design company in 2007. That was also the first time I started lecturing at this faculty. My own company lasted for three years where I was still designing lots of products. There I found out that I wanted a more technical challenge after ten years of product design. That led me to Airborne International where I was a project leader for special projects for three years. Here I led a team and made a driving simulating dome, did gamechanger projects with Shell, or material research for space applications. In the mean time, still working on this faculty for 8 hours per week. Being a project leader at Airborne was too far from the design process, so again switched to being the lead designer at Seaborough research in Amsterdam, where we developed led-based products with the newest led technology. For instance led lighting on ski-pistes or UV-led applications for curing paint. Unfortunately, that job ended and again decided to find a new challenge. And that was lecturing at the TUDelft. Soon after starting here I was asked to lecture at the University of Applied Science Amsterdam. Now, in Amsterdam I am a lecturer and course coordinator, in Delft coach for bachelor and master students, and I'm also responsible for acquisition for the master course Advanced Embodiment Design.


  • 1994 – 2000:
    Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology
  • 1993 – 1994 
    Aerospace Engineering, Delft University of Technology


  • 2015-now:
    Part time lecturer at University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam
  • 2007-now: 
    Part time lecturer at Delft University of Technology
  • 2013-2015:
    Senior Design Engineer at Seaborough Research
  • 2010-2013:
    Project leader special projects at Airborne International
  • 2008-2010:
    Entrepreneurship, Crone Product Improvement 
  • 2000-2008:
    Lead Engineer at Orange Pearl Innovation Group

Coaches students on

  • PO1
  • PO2
  • Manufacturing & Design
  • PO4
  • Advanced Embodiment Design
  • Joint Master Project
  • Product Ontwerpen en Innovatie
  • Honours programme

Secondary employment

  • Lecturer and course coordinator at the University of Applied sciences in Amsterdam