Liu, W.

Wei Liu is a Postdoc at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering exploring how to use the theories and applications from positive psychology to improve individual functioning and well-being, in particular with eudaimonic well-being.

For example, he has investigated the associations between proactive behaviors and flow experience as well as the sense of meaningfulness and personal growth. Currently, he focuses on the Enduring Rewards project, exploring the psychological mechanisms and methods for the maintenance of healthier behavior in the long run.

Academic Background

In the September of 2017, Wei Liu started to research Positive Organizational Behavior at the Erasmus University Rotterdam as a PhD candidate. During his PhD, he has published papers in the field of work psychology and positive psychology. Before that, he studied Economics and got a master degree at Shandong University in Jinan China in 2017. During the master phase, he earned the National Scholarship due to his excellent performance. Between 2009 and 2013, he studied science and engineering for a bachelor degree at Shandong University.

Involved in the project(s)