Dr. ir. Molenbroek, J.F.M.

Johan Molenbroek is associate professor of Anthropometrics at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. Key elements in his work are  3D Scanning, Anthropometry, Inclusive Design, Product Safety. 

Academic Background

After his  MSc in Biomedical Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) at UTwente (1978), Johan Molenbroek started as scientific staff member at IDE. After several  anthropometric research projects in he received his PhD in 1994. He also was President of the Dutch Ergonomics Society (now HumanFactorsNL) from 2003-2012


  • 1969-1974
    Polytechnical School Enschede Production Techniques
  • 1973-1978
    University of Twente Mechanical Engineering 


  • Author of Design Tool DINED on www.dined.nl
  • GENIE project
    Coordinator EU ā€“project GENIE  (Gerontechnology Educational Network in Europe)
    Together with colleague Marijke Dekker
    project date: from 1998 -2002
  • FRR project
    Coƶrdinator EU-project FRR (Friendly Rest Room)
    Together with colleague Renate de Bruin
    project date: from 2001-2005
  • ANEC project climbing children 2004  www.anec.org

Specialisation / field of research

Inclusive design, Anthropometry, Product safety, special populations like eldery, students, children and handicapped.

Lectures and/or coaches students on:

  • Anthropometry, product safety, special populations like eldery, students, children, disabled,
  • Inclusive design (design for all)


  • ID1020   Mens en Product
  • ID.....     Ergonomie voor Zijinstromers
  • ID 3015  Ergonomics in Design
  • ID.....     Onderzoeksleer
  • ID 5383  Inclusive Design
  • ID 4121  Applied Ergonomics
  • Graduation projects
  • ID.....     Literatuurscriptie