Prof. dr. Reinders, A.H.M.E.

Guest professor of Energy-Efficient Design


Prof. Angèle Reinders is a guest professor of Energy-Efficient Design in the section Design for Sustainability of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering of Delft University of Technology. Since 2002 she has been teaching and conducting research in the Department of Design, Production and Management of the University of Twente with a focus on innovative product design for integrated sustainable energy technologies.Throughout her career, Angèle Reinders has had an abiding interest in sustainable energy. Prior to joining University of Twente she worked at Delft University of Technology where she investigated low power energy supply for portable applications.
In 2001, Angèle Reinders worked as a scientific advisor in the Asia Alternative Energy Program of the World Bank in Washington D.C. From 1993 to 2000, she was associated with the Department of Science, Technology and Society of Utrecht University, where she investigated, among other things, energy consumption of households in the European Union and life cycle aspects of energy systems for rural electrification. She received her doctoral degree from the Faculty of Chemistry at Utrecht University in 1999. Her PhD dissertation covers the analysis and simulation of the field performance of photovoltaic solar energy systems. Angèle Reinders completed a master degree in Experimental Physics in 1993 at Utrecht University, specializing in material physics and energy physics.
Angèle Reinders was born in 1969 in Voorburg, close to Delft.


  • 1994- 1999
    PhD project at the Department of Science, Technology and Society of Utrecht University
  • 1988-1993 
    Experimental Physics at Utrecht University


Angèle Reinders has a vast experience with sustainable product development in cooperation with companies i.e. products incorporating sustainable lighting, solar energy or hydrogen technology. In particular she was involved in the development of applications of photovoltaic solar energy technology, f.i. PV modules, lighting products and solar powered boats. Also she has practical experience with monitoring, evaluation and simulation of sustainable energy systems,.

Angèle Reinders is a member of the organizing committee of IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, an associate member of the Alliance for Rural Electrification and a co-founding editor of the IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics.

Specialisation/field of research

Research in the chair of Energy-Efficient Design is directed to integral approaches to the development of energy-efficient products, systems and infrastructures based on opportunities from alternative energy forms and new storage and power distribution methods for a wide range of markets; i.e. consumer market, business-to-business products, built environment and the BoP market.

Lectures and/or coaches students on:

Angèle Reinders coaches (PhD) students on the evaluation and design of products and services with integrated sustainable energy solutions.


  • 2010 – 2011: Course ‘Smart Energy Products’, Sustainable Energy Technology of Delft University of Technology
  • 2002-present: Various courses on product development and innovation in the bachelor and master of Studies of of Industrial Design Engineering of University of Twente

The Power of Design

Angele Reinders, Jan Carel Diehl and Han Brezet
ISBN: 978 11 1830 867 7

Published in 2012

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