Ir. Toet, A.S.

Aniek Toet is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering exploring Multimodal transport hubs in the future of mobility, with a special focus on airport hub.

Transport and mobility are developing fast. These developments occur in a mobility industry consisting of many subsystems based on different transport modalities, such as trains, buses, and bicycles. With these transport systems, travellers change modalities at multimodal transport hubs, such as trains to buses.
Multimodal transport hubs aim to facilitate intermodal journeys through well-organised transits. However, this type of multimodal transport hub does not yet exist in practice, we only recognise physical places where several modes of transport come together.
The PhD focuses on airport hubs as a case of current multimodal transport hubs, to investigate how they can harness future and other travel modalities and how and when they should absorb them into the existing business. In other words, I am investigating the decision-making process and timing of engagement of multimodal transport hubs with future and other travel modalities.