Ir. Wesseling, A.J.B.

Anne-Marie Wesseling is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering exploring communication between Autonomous Vehicles and Human Road Users in a Cultural Context.

Academic Background

Anne-Marie has always found cars fascinating. They can be captivating in appearance, evoke strong emotions, offer a sense of freedom, and generate a thrilling experience. Not only that, the level of optimization, complexity and seamless interplay of all components in a car is an incredible thing to behold. During Anne-Marie's time at her Bachelor's and Master's at the Technical University in Delft, she was able to complete all courses related to Automotive Design. In doing so, her fascination with cars grew and came to encompass personal mobility in its entirety. Simultaneously, Anne-Marie came to realize that the automotive industry is experiencing a paradigm shift that will transform personal mobility as we know it today. Anne-Marie saw mobility in a new light and wanted to contribute to its transformation. However, to do so, she had yet a lot to learn.

These learning opportunities came with her start as a Doctoral Candidate at Volkswagen AG. Anne-Marie was able to expand her skills as an Industrial Design Engineer and scientific researcher. She completed research related to HMI and culture, and further developed the necessary skills to work within the industry. Currently, Anne-Marie strives to complete her dissertation in the research area revolving around communication between autonomous vehicles and human road users, and to continue to contribute to the transformation of personal mobility.