ir. Wilbers, F.P.

Freerk Wilbers is a Lecturer at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering and an artist making making kinetic artworks from experimental research into materials, motion and mechanics. Freerk explores the concept of chance and creates kinetic artworks and light installations from experimental research into materials, movement and mechanics. In his work he is looking for a point where the physical sculpture and its projections of light into space, intersect. A complex 'whole' is formed, and boundaries between the individual shapes and forms seem to dissappear.

His coaching and teaching activities at the faculty of Industrial Design are related to robotics and mechatronics, mechanics and dynamics, and the process of hands-on making, prototyping and product development.

Academic Background

Freerk has a background in Mechanical Engineering at TU Delft (graduating with a MSc in 2008). He worked among others on teaching an android to speak at Ishiguro robotics lab in Osaka, Japan, and working at the TU Delft Biorobotics lab developing real-world applications for robotic arms and manipulators. Later he resumed his art practice and graduated with a BA in Fine Art from the Royal Academy in The Hague (KABK) in 2017.

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