Advanced Embodiment Design

In Advanced Embodiment Design, a Master course, the students learn to use theoretical insights and knowledge they gained in other courses in practice. The student teams redesign and improve existing products or develop new innovative products.
The emphasis of this project is on Embodiment Design: this focuses on selecting the most desirable technical, environmental and economic product details. In this process, critical components can be subjected to mechanical and thermic analysis, a performance-maximization optimization is done, material and production are defined and cost calculations are made.


  • For each company, 5 student will work in a project.
  • De study load for the students is 240 hours per student, during a period of 20 weeks.
  • The university will appoint one design teacher per project to guide the project.

What you can expect

  • Analysis of the assignment en finding possible improvements and alternative solutions to get to an equal or better product performance.
  • Developing solutions for a final design, based on a appropriate and motivated choice of technology.
  • Validating the improvements by the use of prototypes and tests.
  • Evaluating, reporting and presenting the results in public, where other students, staff members and the company can give constructive criticism.
  • You will receive the final report.

What we expect from you

  • An assignment, fitting the format given in the brochure.
  • You are present on the opening day, if your appliance is selected, and at meetings and discussions with students (when necessary or on appointment).
  • The university will ask for a financial compensation for the project.
  • A financial compensation for the prototype the students will build.
  • Presence at a midterm and final presentation and giving (constructive) criticism.

Are you interested?

Advanced Embodiment Design is offered once a year, from February to June. Your request will be judged on suitability for this project.

For more information, please contact one of the course coordinators, or view the contact information of the valorisation team.