Bachelor Final Project

In the conclusion to the Bachelor's programme Industrial Design Engineering, the student is given a whole quarter (420 hours) to work full-time on a product design for a hosting company. He or she is coached during the project by a design lecturer and a research expert.

Based on the business wishes and possibilities of a hosting company, each student formulates a design challenge that suits his or her personal qualities. The challenge is generally aimed at the development of an innovative product that goes a step further than the current product portfolio of the company.

The student also carries out design-oriented research while designing the product. The intended end result is a design for a usable product, which has added value in the areas of functionality, usability, interaction, sustainability and character. The result will be presented in a concise presentation report, which also explains what the commercial added value is for the hosting company.

What you can expect:

As the hosting company you will be involved with a maximum of 20 students, two design lecturers and two research experts. One of the design lecturers will be your contact person. The project has four fixed meetings: introduction, project proposal, concept and design proposal. The introduction usually takes place at the hosting company, the other meetings at TU Delft.

The meetings last approximately half a day with concise presentations and reports by the students, requiring only a limited amount of preparatory time from you. By participating in the Bachelor Final Project, you will witness a great many design projects and you will gain access to a diversity of innovative product proposals. You will also have the right to select three product proposals to exploit commercially. (IP) 

What we expect from you:

Before the start of the project you will formulate a well-defined assignment with a company description together with TU Delft. During the presentations, you can adjust the contents and execution of the projects in an atmosphere of openness for new ideas, enthusiasm and constructive criticism.

We expect the hosting company to be represented by a person with decision-making responsibilities over the product portfolio.

TU Delft will ask a fee for participation in the project. Further details will be laid down in a contract with you before the start of the project. 

Are you interested?

The Bachelor Final Project is offered twice a year. Your application will be assessed on suitability for this project. The period of participation, starting in September or April, will be determined by mutual agreement. We would be pleased to provide you with more information on the possibilities to participate in this challenging project.