Career possibilities

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Upon completing the Bachelor’s degree programme, most students transfer to a Master’s degree programme within the faculty, a Master’s degree programme at another TU Delft faculty or a Master’s degree programme at another university in the Netherlands or abroad. Although this is what we would recommend, you can of course go straight into the labour market with your Bachelor’s degree.

Completing a PhD

After earning your Master’s degree, you will be able to conduct research. Research conducted within the faculty contributes to the needs of the discipline and society. Our research is grouped around the following five themes:

  • Care for our Health
  • Meaningful Interactions
  • Let's Re(d)use
  • Unlocking People
  • People in transit

Starting work

Your profile on the labour market
Because you have completed a thorough degree programme, because you combine technology with creativity, because you have learned to do and reflect upon what you have done, because you have mastered all aspects of the design profession and because you have a healthy dose of commercial insight, it will be relatively easy for you to find a suitable job as an industrial designer. This is not surprising, considering that you have already been working in multi-disciplinary teams during your degree programme, which allows you to know what people from other disciplines are talking about.

Where will you find a job?
About 20% of all graduates become independent entrepreneurs. Other graduates start to work at design firms, small/medium-sized businesses, multinationals, engineering firms, consultancy firms, non-profit organisations or the government. Other options include conducting research or teaching.

What potential jobs could you do?
As an industrial designer, you will be able to serve in a wide range of functions, including design, product development and product technology. Other possibilities include technical-commercial functions in marketing, advertising, distribution or sales, education or research. You might also serve in positions in which you can improve the quality of products or business processes, or in which you advise companies concerning their product-development processes. For more questions about career options, please contact the Career Centre.

Salary indication

The average gross monthly starting salary for an industrial designer is €2,865 (source: WO Monitor 2016).

Alumni Stories

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Alumni speaking

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