Business Model Design

This is not about business as usual. When it comes to design, what are business models, how can they be designed and what challenges and opportunities do they present? This course aims to inspire new ways of thinking about business model design, encouraging you to choose innovation over copy and paste.

This elective course is about understanding the basics of business models, tailored for the perspective of design students.

Learn about the components that make a business model and what the implications are when you change them. Explore how stakeholder values can shape business model design. Through exercises and workshops, start with the basics of designing business models and work towards more complex contexts. Looking first at the level of a firm, then moving to an interorganisational collaboration and finally exploring the context of an entire ecosystem.

Develop knowledge, methods and skills to meaningfully engage in business model design activities in diverse situations, including new ventures, creative studios and networks of organisations. Propose new ideas for business model design, reflect on the content and methods used to produce them and how they can be improved.

Ultimately, this course aims to inspire innovation and thinking in less structured ways. It is relevant for all design projects.

Course Coordinator's perspective

“I hope students are going to disrupt the world of business model design a bit as there’s not a lot of innovation going on in this field. I will be proud if they start doing something with this course later in life, like designing busines models in totally new ways or designing unexpected business models that can change the world and can improve society.”

Marina Bos-de Vos

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