Codesign in Services

Designing services calls for a different way of doing things. Instead of designing for people, it’s about designing with people. This course focuses on codesign, engaging stakeholders from the very beginning in actively cocreating new service concepts. As a designer, it’s about understanding how and when to use this participatory approach, as well as understanding the value it brings to an organisation.

When it comes to designing services, participation is the key. This elective course provides an understanding of the service design process with an emphasis on codesign.

Study the fundamental concepts and theories about service design. Explore different codesign approaches and how to apply them in conceptualising new service experiences across multiple touchpoints. Learn to evaluate opportunities to use participatory methods in tackling service design challenges within organisations.

Put knowledge into practice, working in teams to conduct codesign sessions with a chosen group of participants. Understand how participatory approaches to innovation can lead to designing better services within organisations. Learn to be more democratic in the making of design decisions, without losing sight of the key role that designers play in the service design process.

It’s about participation and collaboration, and ultimately, the process determines the quality of the outcome.

Course Coordinator's perspective

“I hope that students really see the difference in designing with people, not only for people. You have to have humility as well as empathy for the people involved and to know how to engage them. But at the same time, you have to understand the role of design expertise because users are not necessarily designers.”

Fernando Secomandi

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