Entrepreneurial Innovation by Design

The words entrepreneurship and innovation usually bring to mind an outcome. Perhaps a new company or a novel design. But what about the behaviour that leads to those innovations, bridging the gap between ideas and realisation? Let’s demystify what this means and gain a deeper understanding by exploring design-driven entrepreneurial behaviour within organisations.

This elective course aims to connect a theoretical understanding of design-driven entrepreneurial behaviour with real experiences of people in organisations.

Explore the idea of entrepreneurship by examining the human interactions and collaborations that are key for creating change and overcoming all obstacles between idea and realisation. Build a mental model that can be used as a lens to observe behaviour within organisations. Consider the dynamics related to innovative organisational behaviour, taking into account the role of technology, people and organisation.  And understand the role of the designer within the entrepreneurial innovation process.

Use tools like Kolb’s experiential learning model and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to explore your own personality and develop a language to better understand the behaviour of others. Connect and map key behaviours to innovation processes.

Examine case studies to learn the theory. Prepare to have a discourse with people in the trenches. Talk to them to make connections between theory and what happens in the real world. Make understanding behaviour relevant to your future as a designer.

Course Coordinator's perspective

“I feel very proud to bring students the knowledge and understanding that took me 30 years to develop. The people dimension, the social interactive dimension of innovations, this been the consistent theme throughout my whole career. I think all design students need to know about this and I want to present it in such a way that it is relevant for them.”

Frido Smulders

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