Experience, Motivation & Behaviour

Why do people do what they do? Understanding this is critical when it comes to creating impactful designs. It starts with comprehending how things work inside the mind and how external factors influence people. This course explores human behaviour, motivation and experience from a psychological perspective, helping designers to influence and support people towards certain behaviours.

Knowing what behaviour is and why people do or don’t do things is key for designers to be able to stimulate a desired behaviour. Through principles of psychology, this elective course examines motivation and behaviour and provides tools designers can use to influence users and address complex challenges in society.

Study evolutionary psychology, positive psychology and phenomenology to better understand behaviour. Explore not only what happens inside the mind, but recognise that motivation and behaviour are connected to external factors. Analyse how influences come from the outside through our experiences, our environment, our social groups.

Learn theory, tools and strategies for design aimed at influencing users.  Use these to experiment with how to pull the strings on other people’s behaviour and motivation. Apply this new knowledge to steer target group behaviour around challenges related to health, sustainability and mobility.

Use this experience to ensure that designs fit with the existing theories and models in psychology so that design can have an actual impact.

Course Coordinator's perspective

“I hope that students not only understand or observe what people do, but also understand why people or users do things. I will be very happy if they are able to get a better understanding of actions on a deeper level in this course.”

Jos Kraal

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