Form & Senses

When it comes to design, there’s definitely more than meets the eye. This course explores how senses other than sight, like hearing and touch, play a role in designing products. Discover how sound design, texture design and light design can influence form and create a multi-sensory user experience.

This elective course goes beyond the visual experience by exploring how form giving can be different when the process involves sound, texture or light.

Build an understanding of sensory perception when it comes to products. Learn tools to incorporate sensory properties in design. Develop skills for designing tailored sensory experiences. Create collages or mood boards as inspiration to understand, for example, what colours or what forms could be used in a design. Experience how technology also plays a role, through things like sensors, speakers and lights.

Discover a new and exploratory design space. Consider if an object had a sound, what would it be like? If that sound had a texture, what would it feel like? And how would lighting the object influence the sensory experience? Put what you have learned into practice in both individual and group projects.

Deepen knowledge and skills for form giving as well as experience design and learn how to create inspiration for your future design work.

Course Coordinator's perspective

“I will be proud when students inherently think of these other senses. That they understand that there is a dependency between different sensory experiences. The dominance of visual experience is there, but other sensory experiences are very complimentary. I want them to understand what materials they can use and what sounds they are interested in and really create and inspiration space for themselves.”

Elif Ozcan Vieira

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