Leadership & Project Organisation

This course is aimed at empowering students to get their designs or intentions realised. Realising your designs takes more than being a good designer. If you know how to communicate, to plan, to cooperate and to lead, it will be easier to reach your design goals. 

This is irrespective of how and where you will work, whether that’s within government, in a start-up, in a corporate, or as an independent designer. Learn to apply communication tools and levels of communication; learn techniques to plan and organise design projects and manage their progress; learn to collaborate with teams and stakeholders; learn to use leadership styles fitting various design settings. 

Theory for this course consists of articles, book chapters and video interviews with practitioners: designers from a start-up, a corporate, a social design setting and a design agency. Lectures will deal with theory and cases. You will work in groups in the studio to practice theories and methods, you will apply them individually in a project outside this course and you will discuss your learnings with your peers and with the practitioners visiting the studio. 

You will track your learning in a format provided, that’s called your Proof of Learning. Final assessment will be based on the status of your Proof of Learning at the end of the course. During the course you will formatively assess the work of others and others will give feedback on your work.

Course Coordinator's perspective

“We teach our students everything and anything about design, but that doesn’t necessarily fulfil all of the requirements that you need to have as a designer, to make sure that your design goals are actually realised. If our students feel empowered to successfully run a project that would make me very happy.”

Maurits Willemen

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