Mastering Research Methods

Scientific reasoning is crucial in today’s society. So, for designers, developing scientific literacy is a vital tool. This course aims to unlock a curiosity towards understanding the value of arguments and information. To trigger enthusiasm for scientific research. Teaching you to use new wings while falling down a rabbit hole of information.

Building on the foundations of basic research for design, this elective course dives deeper into the realm of scientific research.

Get hands on experience with scientific research by participating in an ongoing study with one of the experienced researchers at our faculty. Go all in! Bring something new to their project, creatively come up with stimuli, add an interesting variable, and write your own paper about it. 

Gain broader knowledge about different research methods. Develop a critical stance towards academic publications you encounter. Learn to see the value of these papers, both in terms of shortcomings and contributions. Explore how to dissect a scientific paper and have the opportunity to discuss it with experienced researchers at our faculty.

Embrace the value of information and scientific studies, preparing to build better arguments. Apply this knowledge and experience to your bachelor’s final project, graduate studies and beyond.

Course Coordinator's perspective

“As an IDE graduate, I am grateful to have discovered the value of scientific research for design. I hope that after this course students think that with good research, they can build a strong argument. That by knowing more they can get more done. And I hope that they will be more open to becoming researchers.”

Ellis van den Hende

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