Reimagining Mobility

Human beings are travelling all the time. Sometimes we move with a purpose, to get from point A to point B and sometimes we just need to move. What role can mobility play in relation to society? In this course we try envision meaningful mobility solutions that harmonise people and different transportation modalities, reimagining the future of mobility.

This elective course aims to answer what role mobility can play in defining the way we travel in our society.

Learn how to explain and debate the novel ways that future mobility solutions interact with stakeholders in the mobility eco-system. Analyse and evaluate different transportation modalities like autonomous driving, public transportation, air travel, and micro mobility. Create a new mobility solution in the future context. And learn how to select and apply different design methods across the iterative design innovation process.

Discover how to play with both emerging technologies in the mobility sector and emerging user needs and market trends to reimagine future mobility experiences. Develop skillsets to analyse real-world mobility problems and design new mobility concepts for people in transit from the individual to the societal level.

The knowledge and skills gained in this course can be applied to mobility-related projects and may inspire some to pursue further studies or a career in mobility.

Course Coordinator's perspective

“I’m excited to run this course as mobility is one of the three societal challenges in which our faculty aims to continue taking a lead. I want students to learn how to understand the different technologies available to deal with future mobility solution development and also how to be good at understanding the values, needs and wants of users which may not have come yet.”

Euiyoung Kim

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