Strategic Brand Management

There’s a lot more to branding than most people think. In fact, brands define and guide the strategic direction of organisations, drive innovation, and even influence the marketplace. And designers play a valuable role in cultivating a meaningful brand that resonates with customers and sets it apart from the competition.

This elective course is about exploring the fundamentals of branding, with an emphasis on how the brand itself can inform the future of the innovation.

Learn the principles of how a brand is built and managed over time. Explore the importance of creating a connection between the customer and the brand. Understand the dynamic nature of branding and the importance of balancing consistency with relevance as it evolves. Consider management and innovation choices that can fuel brand growth.

Through case studies, explore scenarios to learn how companies actually do things. Actively and critically engage in discussions, applying what you have learned to decision making and problem solving in a real business context. Then put your knowledge into practice by creating a brand, building an identity, defining a purpose and considering how to launch this brand into the market.

Ultimately, learn how to use your design skills to add value to the process of branding.

Course Coordinator's perspective

“I want the students to understand that the brand isn’t something you just sort of slap on a product or put up a sign. Obviously, signs and symbols are part of a brand, but the brand is a lot more than that. It’s something that actually defines an organisation in many ways and also influences the way it is perceived by outside stakeholders.”

Pinar Cankurtaran

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