Master programmes

The faculty of Industrial Design Engineering offers three Master programmes; Design for Interaction, Integrated Product Design, and Strategic Product Design. Their differences are explained in this informing animation.

Next to the three master programmes, the faculty also offers a specilisation Medisign, where the focus is on designing for the medical world. Specific information about this specialisation and the three master programmes can be found through the links below.

An overview of all master programmes of the TU Delft can be found here.


Training simulator for Cementless Oxford Partial Knee Replacement Surgery.

"I was going for significant improvement of health and longevity throughout decades."
Nithin Gurram

IPD  |  Health  |  Graduation  |  2021

Beauty Ideals

A critical design project on how beauty ideals affect our mental health.

"'The Tulip reflects how beautification affects our relationships."
Joy van Gogh

DFI  |  Mental Health  |  Afstudeerproject  | 2020