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How to choose your electives for your IDE master programme

Jack Eichenlaub | June 2022

Central hall of the IDE building

Hey everyone! Did you know the third semester of each master programme at IDE is reserved for electives? That is if one does not follow the master variant for engineers, of course. If you were not aware, this 20-week period is used for exploring the absolute range of what it means to “design,” and to discover one’s own interests within the field. When searching for master programmes, the existence of the elective semester a TU Delft was a key driver in my interest and application. I am glad to say that, generally, the semester met my expectations and truly helped me to broaden my horizons! Before I share my favorite electives and how they have influenced my design philosophy and capabilities, it’s first important to know how the electives are structured at IDE.

The print edition of the Delft Design Guide on a table with a notebook and pens.

Who is Designing Design Anyways?

Jack Eichenlaub shares his insights on the Delft Design Guide, which contains a plethora of design methodologies.
The main hall of the faculty, with students working in booths.

Our Creative Environment

Marianne Langrand describes the creative environment of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering from her perspective.

An Introduction to the Language

Do you really need to learn Dutch to live in Delft? Aman Dalal shares his own experiences with learning Dutch.

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