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Read the stories of our international MSc students at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering and discover their experiences of getting used to their new study (and living) environment.  Find out their tips to get the most out of the MSc programme or just learn in advance what the best study spots are at the faculty of IDE!

Aman Dalal

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Jack Eichenlaub

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A selection of articles by our international master students

Student Organizations and Ultimate Frisbee

Jack Eichenlaub | October 2021

Coming from an American university, student clubs and organizations were a foundational underpinning of the social experience. Universities (such as my undergraduate home) would advertise having “over multiple-hundred active student clubs” as a draw for potential students. Despite not such vocal promotion of their own resources, TU Delft has a deep network of student clubs and associations ranging in focus from sport to career to purely social. I’ll briefly highlight what is available and share my experience joining Force Elektro, TU Delft’s ultimate frisbee club.

Bikes, Delft, and Nederland!

Vignesh Balakrishnan | April 2021

If you are planning to start masters in the Netherlands, polishing your biking skills should be in your priority list because on Dutch streets, bikes rule. Bikes are an essential part of Dutch culture and holds even more importance in student life; Your bike is your best friend. Be it going to campus, grocery shopping, visiting a friend or to just for leisure, bikes make life easier.   Delft is a beautiful city with both narrow alleys and picturesque streets. Most roads have dedicated bike track and with having a maximum speed of 30 kmph in every living area makes biking even safer. Biking can be a really enjoyable experience in Delft especially with lush green nature surrounding the city.  If you are coming here to Delft, here are a few tips and trips in relation to biking.

Writing a paper and getting it published

Regina Morán | July 2020

During the master, you will write papers in some courses, and you can decide to present or try to publish your work. For this article, I will share my own experience in publishing a paper.
I will explain what the project is about, where it was presented, what the biggest challenge was, and the learnings. I have also interviewed another student who wrote a paper as part of the research elective.

Publishing a paper

I realised my research as part of the research elective (see electives overview). The research elective consists of realising a research project; for instance, it could be in collaboration with an existing research in the faculty. Besides, you can select the working hours you will assign to the project (e.g. 3, 6, 7, 8, or 9 EC). For my project, I was coached by Dr. ir. Marina Bos-de Vos. and together we defined I will assign the hours needed to receive 9 EC.

Who is Designing Design Anyways?

Jack Eichenlaub shares his insights on the Delft Design Guide, which contains a plethora of design methodologies.

Our Creative Environment

Marianne Langrand describes the creative environment of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering from her perspective.

An Introduction to the Language

Do you really need to learn Dutch to live in Delft? Aman Dalal shares his own experiences with learning Dutch.

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