Master Variant for Engineers

Integrated Product Design / Strategic Product Design

This Variant of the MSc programmes IPD and SPD is meant for students with a BSc degree in certain engineering disciplines who have a strong affinity with industrial design and wish to pursue an MSc in Integrated Product Design or Strategic Product Design.

The Master starts with an intensive semester-long homologation programme in industrial design. After this homologation semester you will take the 2 regular semesters with the main courses in the IPD/SPD programme, followed by the graduation project in the last semester.

The programme takes two years and does not have a ‘free elective’-semester. Upon completion you will receive an MSc diploma in Integrated Product Design or Strategic Product Design. Please note that the Master Variant for Engineers only starts in the Fall semester (September).

Application procedure for students with an international BSc

Students with an international BSc degree follow the same application procedure as for Integrated Product Design or Strategic Product Design, with the following additional application requirements:

  • Applicants need to take the MOOC Delft Design Approach before applying;
  • Upload the MOOC certificate before the application deadline of the MSc programme;
  • And add some of the design work to their portfolio. The portfolio of MVE applicants should also contain projects that the applicant has done within (and perhaps also outside) their BSc programme that show that the applicant has affinity with industrial design (in addition to engineering skills). Furthermore the applicant should show the ability to communicate concepts and ideas effectively. Also check the general portfolio requirements for IPD / SPD.

Application procedure for students with a Dutch BSc

Students with a Dutch BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering, Maritime Engineering, Clinical Technology, or Aerospace Engineering follow this application procedure.

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