Sports Innovation

Sports is fun and exciting and so is working in the field of sports innovation! This minor presents the student with a comprehensive insight into the relation between innovation, (bio)-mechanical engineering and ergonomics applied in the area of sports. Next to lectures and exercises, we will challenge you in solving a sports related design problem, provided by innovation driven companies. The minor will consider top-sport as well as recreational sports and sports for the physically challenged.

During the last decennia, the popularity of sports has strongly increased and is now widely accepted as beneficial to the general well-being of people. Being affiliated to sports is seen as a modern life style and the global production of sports equipment and apparel has therefore reached significant market volumes. Current industrial efforts aim at producing high performance - and therefore knowledge intensive - sporting goods for a global markets, the minor specifically aims at training students to be a key-player in this challenging process. The minor already can build upon a large (inter)national network in sports related research and technology (EPSI, DSM,, NOC*NSF, KNWV, TNO, et cetera) allowing you easy access to relevant players in the field.


For whom

Selection takes place by means of a random draw, the following formula is used:

  • 1/3 students of the TU Delft Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering,
  • 1/3 other TU Delft disciplines from Engineering based programs such as 3mE and LR,
  • 1/3 other disciplines from other Engineering curricula at DUT/UT/TUe or VU-FBW.

This allocation is done to meet the interdisciplinary nature of the minor. Minors of the IDE faculty are open only for students from academic programs.