07 August 2020

Out of the Blue #19: Is it good enough?

How do you know if an idea is good? Is it a hunch, a gut feeling? Or can you learn to systematically recognise good ideas and move them further to make them work? In this episode, we talk with Jeroen van Erp, Professor of Concept Design at TU Delft and founder of influential Dutch design agency Fabrique. About ad agencies, how to learn design, and plastic soup. You’re not allowed to leave the podcast without at least 10 new ideas! ________ In the IDE Podcast Series ‘Out of the Blue’, Teacher of Practice Ianus Keller or PhD candidate Frithjof Wegener talks with our designers, researchers, students and teachers about their stories. Thankfully, we’re allowed to listen in.

15 July 2020

A breakthrough in 3D printing

Although 3D printing may sound futuristic and creative, results so far have often been rather recti-linear. Chengkai Dai just obtained his PhD at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft for his work on a new method of 3D printing, which might just become the standard practice.

09 July 2020

Alive and Kicking: designing with living materials

Imagine a future in which our materials can morph. Your crisp white cotton shirt has been replaced by a living textile that purifies the air around you. As you settle down on the sofa to enjoy some wine, the glass bottle of yesteryear has been superseded by a tactile mycelium packaging which you can peel off to pour. And no need to switch on the light: bioluminescent organisms in your lamp set to work as light levels dropped, creating a warm evening glow.

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