Ena Voûte 
// Dean, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering

"As a designer, you're trained to connect all sorts of different perspectives. The knowledge gained since our inception in 1969 is passed on to our students and new knowledge is continuously being added through research. We started out as product designers. At a later stage, services were added, and now we even devise complete systems to improve people's lives."

13:30 - Opening of symposium

Christian Bason
// CEO Danish Design Centre

Beyond Design Thinking: Expanding how we think about problems

The scale, complexity and urgency of global challenges are unprecedented and that calls for an even more ambitious application of the methods and mindsets of designers. In his keynote address, Christian Bason will build on the evolution of design to suggest new and more expansive ways of designing for better business, a better society and a sustainable planet.

13:50 - Keynote speech

Dick Benschop
// President & CEO Royal Schiphol Group

Dick Benschop is President & CEO of Royal Schiphol Group, a Non-executive member of the Board of Directors of Brisbane Airport Corporation PTY Ltd and Non-executive member of the Board of Groupe ADP (Aéroports de Paris).

He joined Schiphol Group in May 2018 from Royal Dutch Shell where his most recent position was VP Non-Operated Ventures Shell International.

14:20 - Mobility

Lowie Vermeersch
// Founder & Creative Director Granstudio, Turin, Italy

As former Design Director at Pininfarina, Vermeersch founded Granstudio, a new type of design house that allowed him to extend his automotive design experience into the field of mobility design.

His studio is now a multidisciplinary team of 40 creatives and is active both in the field of automotive design and mobility design, mixing confidential consultancy work for international clients with independent research projects.

14:20 - Mobility

Ernst Kuipers
// CEO Erasmus Medisch Centrum Rotterdam

Ernst Kuipers is Professor of Medicine and CEO of Erasmus MC University Medical Center Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He gained 31 years’ international experience in internal medicine, gastroenterology and health care management. Erasmus MC is the largest and most multi-faceted university medical center in the Netherlands and a recognized leader in innovations for health and healthcare.

15:55 - Health

Hester Le Riche
// Founder & CEO Active Cues

With her company, Le Riche aims to establish 10 million ‘moments of joy’ per day in care and education by developing playful products that are enchanting, but also contribute to people's health and personal development. Following a co-design approach, she works in close collaboration with the target groups, their relatives, professionals and researchers to develop serious games that match their specific requirements and preferences.

15:55 - Health

Conny Bakker
// Professor, Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft

As Professor of Design Methodology for Sustainability and Circular Economy, Bakker particularly focuses on the design and development of products with multiple lifecycles. She explores and develops design methods and strategies for product life-extension, reuse, remanufacturing and recycling, as well as the business models that enable these strategies.

16:45 - Sustainability

Kevin Shahbazi
// Senior Design Strategist Board of Innovation (former Philips)

Leading the development of the circular design topic at Philips Design, Shahbazi is passionate about using design thinking to make business a force for good.

The IDE alumnus is a former Schmidt-MacArthur Fellow, a current Alumni Board Member at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, and a finalist of the 2018 Nudge Global Impact Challenge.

16:45 - Sustainability

Nynke Tromp 
// Symposium Moderator
// Assistant Professor, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering

Nynke is intrigued by how products can change behaviour without people being aware of it. In her view, this implicit influence does not only imply a serious responsibility for designers, it also offers a powerful means to support desired behavioural change. In her research she aims to develop the knowledge for designers to design this influence in order to facilitate pro-social behavior.

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