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06 December 2017

Team Love wins Renault Design Award 2017

With their design, IDE students Evita Goettsch and Ilse van Zeumeren of Team Love have won the Renault Design Award 2017. This was announced by IDE alumnus Laurens van den Acker (Senior Vice President Corporate Design at Renault) on Monday 4 December. The duo had seeking and finding love as their starting point. To get to know each other better, you can link two cars into one.

06 December 2017

Project ‘Street Debater’ wins WIRED Creative Hack Award 2017 in Japan

On Wednesday 29 November, master student Tomo Kihara of the faculty of IDE has won the Grand-Prix and the audience award of the WIRED Creative Hack Award 2017 in Japan with his project ‘Street Debater - Designing social alternative to begging’. The project is aimed at designing alternatives to begging by spreading a new job called street debating.

22 November 2017

In Memoriam - Joost van der Grinten, initiator of the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering

22 November 2017

Jasper van Kuijk in ‘De Nationale Wetenschapsquiz’ of NWO and VPRO

On Tuesday 26 December (Boxing Day), assistant professor Jasper van Kuijk of the faculty of IDE is candidate at the Dutch TV programme ‘De Nationale Wetenschapsquiz’ (the National Science Quiz). Three duos, consisting of a scientist and an artist, answer questions about scientific topics in the 24th edition of the quiz. Jasper is the artist of one of the duos. The viewer can play along. Broadcast is at 22:10 on NPO2.

20 November 2017

Six million euros in research funding to develop technology that prevents sports injuries

In 2016, 121,000 people in the Netherlands sought emergency care for sports injuries.

14 November 2017

TU Delft spin-off Somnox launches crowdfunding campaign

Today saw TU Delft start-up Somnox launch a crowdfunding campaign to market its cuddly sleep robot that aims to offer people a better night’s sleep.

09 November 2017

Huggable robot Somnox is starting business

After many tests, Somnox, the start-up of four TU Delft students, including former IDE student Julian Jagtenberg, is ready to enter the market. From 14 November, Somnox is on Kickstarter, a platform where start-ups can set up a crowdfunding campaign.

09 November 2017

IDE student wins VEDIS Retail Thesis award

IDE student Myrthe Montijn is the winner of the VEDIS Retail Thesis award 2017. She received the appreciation for her thesis 'Data-driven design for emotional engagement, designing a digital interaction for Nike Store'.

07 November 2017

CloudCuddle winner of TedXAmsterdamWomen StartUp Award

01 November 2017

IDE faculty leads a unique pilot project on sustainable transition of old homes in Vlaardingen

In the 2ndSKIN project, 12 old houses in Vlaardingen are made energy neutral by providing them with a sustainable ‘second skin’.

25 October 2017

Unique thermal-comfort design for 3D printed orthopaedic casts

Researchers of the facultu of IDE (TU Delft) and Boston University have developed a new way to create 3D printed, personalized orthopaedic casts. For the first time, the design takes into account both mechanical stability and thermal comfort. The researchers will present this innovative work in the 2017 ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology in Quebec City.

25 October 2017

Sylvia Pont makes Klaas invisible

In the Dutch TV programme Klaas Kan Alles (Klaas can do everything) of NPO, Klaas visits Professor Sylvia Pont of the faculty of IDE (TU Delft). Sylvia is researching how we perceive. Also, the invisibility of objects belongs to it. By playing with different lenses she can make a piece of Klaas invisible. She also unveils the technique behind the centuries-old magicians trick the 'Pepper's ghost trick'. Watch the broadcast.

25 October 2017

Book DeSForM 2017 – Sense and Sensibility published

For the first time in its history, DeSForM conference took part in open access and indexed publication with publisher InTechOpen. All presentations of the conference have been bundled in a book. From 18 until 20 October, the tenth edition of the DeSForM conference successfully took place.

25 October 2017

3D reproduction of historic bulletholes in Prinsenhof

On 16 October, the exhibition 'DNA of the Netherlands' was opened in the museum The Prinsenhof in Delft. IDE researcher Jouke Verlinden and some of his colleagues made a 3D printed reproduction of the famous bullet holes in the Prinsenhof wall.

25 October 2017

‘The Tuning of Materials’ is amongst the 21st Annual Best of Computing

‘The Tuning of Materials: A Designer’s Journey’, an article from associate prof. Elvin Karana and Prof. Elisa Giaccardi of the faculty of IDE, is selected as part of the 21st Annual Best of Computing of 2016.

25 October 2017

Inauguration Ruud Balkenende: 'Product designers need to take the recyclability into account'

Raw earth materials are becoming increasingly scarce, and when making products, environmental pressure only increases. Designers must therefore consider the possibilities of reusing their products much more than they do now. And if this happens in a smart way, it is attractive for companies as well. That is the main message of Professor Circular Product Design Ruud Balkenende, who delivers his inaugural lecture in the TU Delft auditorium on 10 November at 3 o'clock.

17 October 2017

Technology from TU Delft CardioLab allows early detection of atrial fibrillation

TU Delft recently launched the CardioLab, a collaboration with the Netherlands Heart Foundation and Philips Design. In the lab, smart technology is used to analyse data to detect cardiovascular disease at an early stage, in order to provide patients with more effective treatment in the future. On Tuesday 17 October, Leonard Moonen graduated from TU Delft on the first concrete result from the CardioLab: a sensor armband that can detect atrial fibrillation.

17 October 2017

TU Delft student makes design of ‘swarm robot’ Zebro suitable for serial production

12 October 2017

Students Nuon Solar team world champion again

The Nuon Solar Team has convincingly won the 14th edition of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, the world championship solar car racing in Australia. Nuna9 finished in Adelaide around 6.45, on the fifth day of the race. Their 3.000-km-long journey across the Australian Outback took them 4 days and about 6 hours. This is the Nuon Solar Team’s seventh championship title.

12 October 2017

Marijke Melles appointed as ‘president-elect’ of Human Factors NL

During the general meeting on Wednesday 11 October, Marijke Melles has been appointed as president-elect of Human Factors NL. Erwin Speklé will gradually transfer his presidency to Marijke. This procedure is followed to ensure a smooth transition in accordance with the advice of the Koningsveld Committee in 2013.

11 October 2017

Train toilet of Marian Loth in the new intercity train

On Tuesday 3 October, the NS (Dutch Railways) unveiled its planned new-generation intercity (ICNG) train. The basic design of the train toilet was developed by PhD candidate Marian Loth from the faculty of IDE (TU Delft) and is the new standard for NS intercity trains.

11 October 2017

Impression of the Evening of Science and Society

On Monday 9 October, the annual Evening of Science and Society took place according to tradition in the Ridderzaal at the Binnenhof. The purpose of this evening is to emphasize the importance of science for society by showing how the results of scientific research find applications in daily life. From the faculty of IDE, Pieter de Smet, Steven Fokkinga, Paul Hekkert and Jeroen van Erp were invited. An impression by Pieter Desmet.

11 October 2017

Results of the ResCom project on circular business models presented

Twelve partners, including the faculty of IDE at the TU Delft, launch a new online platform to support manufacturers in introducing new circular economy business models. New tools will guide manufacturers on how to design products and analyse business as well as environmental potential using a whole systems, circular economy approach.

09 October 2017

Climbing stairs, getting up from a low sofa and walking across an uneven surface, that was not a problem for paraplegic Ruben de Sain during the Cybathlon Experience on October 7, thanks to an exoskeleton, a supportive robotic suit, built by TU Delft students. The competition in Germany for bionic paraplegic athletes saw the students demonstrate the potential of an exoskeleton as an aid in daily life for people with paralysed legs.

04 October 2017

Lots of media attention for symposium User-centred OV-payment

On Thursday, 28 September, the symposium User-centred OV-payment took place at the faculty of IDE. Under the guidance of assistant professor Jasper van Kuijk of the faculty of IDE, six improvement proposals were presented for user-friendly and thus more attractive OV payments in the Netherlands. A lot of news media gave attention to this.

04 October 2017

New on Discover Design: ‘Can things design things?’

All objects that we use on a daily basis are connected to each other and designers should be conscious of that. That’s the point of departure of the Connected Everyday Lab of Elisa Giaccardi, Professor and Chair of Interactive Media Design. She studied philosophy in Turin (Italy), but soon found herself immersed in the world of new media, interaction and design.

27 September 2017

AR App to look into the future

MX3D, in cooperation with TU Delft, is 3D printing a fully functional stainless steel bridge to cross one of the oldest and most famous canals in the centre of Amsterdam, the Oudezijds Achterburgwal. IDE researcher Jouke Verlinden developed an AR app of this bridge for the Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York.

26 September 2017

Katinka Bergema and Suzanne Hiemstra nominated for Viva400

IDE researchers Katinka Bergema and Suzanne Hiemstra-van Mastrigt have been nominated for the Viva400, a platform for young, inspiring and enterprising women. Katinka and Suzanne work on projects within PASSME.

17 September 2017

Students Delft & Amsterdam win cycle race in USA and set new Dutch speed record

Cyclist Aniek Rooderkerken broke the Dutch speed record for women last Saturday, clocking 121.5 km/h to win the World Human-Powered Speed Challenge in the Nevada desert. In this competition for the most innovative cycles and riders from all over the world, Rooderkerken was riding the VeloX 7: a high-tech aerodynamic recumbent bike designed and built by the Human Power Team, a group of students from TU Delft and VU Amsterdam.

13 September 2017

Pieter Desmet and Steven Fokkinga ‘table scientists’ during the Evening of Science and Society

Professor of Design for Experience Pieter Desmet is one of the ‘table scientists’ on 9 October during the Evening of Science and Society in the Ridderzaal in The Hague.

06 September 2017

Willemijn Elkhuizen and 3D scanner in 'The Secret of the Master' - AVROTROS

On 5 and 6 September, a two-piece of the reconstruction of Vincent van Gogh's Still life with aker flowers and roses’ (Stilleven met Akkerbloemen en rozen) was broadcasted at AVROTROS. In this episode of the tv programme ‘The secret of the Master’ (Het geheim van de Meester), Willemijn Elkhuizen and the 3D scanner of the IDE faculty can be seen. Watch the broadcast.

06 September 2017

ICED 2019 – ‘Responsible Design for our Future’ at IDE

During the International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED17) conference, which was held from 21-25 August in Vancouver (Canada), Prof. Petra Badke-Schaub and Dr Maaike Kleinsmann of the faculty of IDE (TU Delft) announced that ICED19 will be hosted at the faculty of IDE in 2019.

01 September 2017

First steps with new exoskeleton for paraplegics built by TU Delft students

On Thursday 31 August, Project MARCH, a team of students from TU Delft, took the first steps with their new exoskeleton, the MARCH II.

30 August 2017

IDE researchers optimise bone-inspired 3D printing infill structures

In order to create realistic bone-like structures with a 3D printer, assistant professor Jun Wu and fellow researchers developed an algorithm, that was published in March this year. Now, the research group has optimised the algorithm, resulting in stronger and lighter structures.

30 August 2017

Webcast with Giulia Calabretta on DMI

On 23 August, the international membership organisation Design Management Institute (DMI) published a webcast on their website with assistant professor Giulia Calabretta of the faculty of IDE. Her subject: ‘Strategic design: eight essential practices every strategic designer must master’.