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19 January 2020

Out of the Blue #11: How To Make the Shiny Thing Happen

Honorary TU Delft doctorate recipient Marco Steinberg talks strategic design, the opposite of death by 1000 cuts and how to make the shiny thing happen. ________ In the IDE Podcast Series 'Out of the Blue', Ianus Keller, Teacher of Practice at Industrial Design Engineering, talks with our designers, researchers, and teachers about their stories. Thankfully, we're allowed to listen in.

15 January 2020

Paul Hekkert delivers TU Delft’s Foundation Day Lecture

IDE's Professor of Form Theory Paul Hekkert discussed ‘The beauty of doing the right thing’ at a ceremony to mark the university’s Dies Natalis – its 178th Birthday. Click here to watch (starting at 19:00 min.) or read his speech. Professor Tim van der Hagen, Rector Magnificus, also talked about changes and cooperation with the Erasmus University, and the Erasmus Medical Centre, as well as Leiden University and the Leiden University Medical Centre. Read his speech.

15 January 2020

Professor Andy Dong visiting from Oregon State

From January 2020 onwards, Andy Dong will be a visiting professor at Industrial Design Engineering (TU Delft). For two years he will visit our faculty three times per year. This is made possible through our partnership with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

08 January 2020

IO in de media - week 2

08 January 2020

IDE in the spotlight with lighting design awards

Lighting Design Awards (LIT) and [d]arc awards go to IDE alumnus, Wim aan de Stegge and PhD candidate Cehao Yu.

08 January 2020

IDE graduation project implemented at Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital

‘De Verhalenvijver’ (The Story Pond), the graduation project of IDE alumna Paulien Verlaan, will be opened on Tuesday 21 January in the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital in Amsterdam. The Story Pond is an interactive experience for cancer patients and their relatives to share experiences and thus be better informed about the aftercare process in particular.

18 December 2019

Connected Kitchen Service roadmaps for Arçelik receive award

Giulia Bacchi, Berend Fischer, Aozhe Liu and Jurriaan van Rijswijk, all SPD Master's students from Industrial Design Engineering, have been awarded the Design Roadmapping award for the best visualised and most daring roadmap.

17 December 2019

Out of the Blue #10: Freedive with Kevin Shahbazi

IDE researcher Frithjof Wegener joins Ianus Keller for the second Freedive at the IDE 50 years jubilee, where they converse with Kevin Shahbazi on how to implement true circularity in large companies such as Philips, and Kevin’s plans for sustainability with Board of Innovation. ________ In the IDE Podcast Series 'Out of the Blue', Ianus Keller, Teacher of Practice at Industrial Design Engineering, talks with our designers, researchers, and teachers about their stories. Thankfully, we're allowed to listen in.

17 December 2019

Out of the Blue #9: Freedive with Hester le Riche

In the first Freedive Ianus Keller speaks with Hester Le Riche at the IDE 50 years jubilee event. She’s CEO and co-founder of Active Cues on how to design for quality of life in healthcare. Their Magic Table augmented reality product allows people with Alzheimer to re-connect with their families and each other in care homes. ________ In the IDE Podcast Series 'Out of the Blue', Ianus Keller, Teacher of Practice at Industrial Design Engineering, talks with our designers, researchers, and teachers about their stories. Thankfully, we're allowed to listen in.

11 December 2019

IDE researcher René van Egmond part of joint proton therapy research

HollandPTC, the proton therapy centre in Delft, has announced that 5 new research projects have been awarded funding from the HollandPTC R&D consortium. Among these projects is the Human-centric AI for contouring in head-and-neck cancer project, of which Industrial Design Engineering researcher René van Egmond will take part.

11 December 2019

IDE graduate Mücahit Aydin wins Human Factors NL thesis award 2019

At the annual Human Factors NL congress early December, IDE graduate Mücahit Aydin received their thesis award 2019. He graduated on monitoring vital signs via the ear with his thesis titled 'Continuous and non-invasive monitoring of vital signs'. For this research, he collaborated with Maasstad Hospital in Rotterdam.

11 December 2019

Advisory essay on Data Agenda Government by Gerd Kortuem published

With the increasing influence of data and algorithms in our society, the Dutch Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations asked several scientist on computer science, governance and design to weigh in with their recommendations for ground rules for socially appropriate use of data and technology in public space. In the resulting collection of six essays, IDE Professor Gerd Kortuem argues for the creation of a national algorithm register and framework.

10 December 2019

New edition of the book Products for Healthcare now available

It has been twenty years since the first booklet ‘Products for Healthcare’ was published. Since then, more than 1000 innovative ideas for healthcare have been developed, making a major contribution to future health scenarios. This seventh edition in this series, showcasing our most recent healthcare graduation projects is proudly presented.

05 December 2019

Positive Artificial Intelligence vibes

Willem van der Maden recently started his PhD position at Industrial Design Engineering (TU Delft), focusing on ‘Positive AI’. We caught up with him briefly to ask him about his goals at IDE and what we might expect to see come out of several AI projects of the faculty.

28 November 2019

The Road to Schistoscope

For half a year, a team of six dedicated students worked endlessly on solving the problems around diagnosing Schistosomiasis in Nigeria. The tipping point for their project; seeing not only the eggs, but also the spine of the disease in the pictures made by their product. But before reaching this milestone, the team had to overcome many obstacles through weeks of hard work, motivation and creative problem solving. Tina Ekhtiar and Talitha Brenninkmeyer share the ins and outs of the process.

27 November 2019

Two NWO KIEM grants for Industrial Design Engineering

Researchers of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (TU Delft) recently obtained two KIEM grants.

27 November 2019

Jeroen van Erp at Stadsradio Delft

Professor Jeroen van Erp was invited by Stadsradio Delft on 27 November to talk about the Designed for our Future Jubilee exhibition. He spoke about the impact of graduation projects in predicting future developments, and why he believes IDE TU Delft is the Champions League of design.

27 November 2019

Excelscope in CNN feature on Dubai Design Week

This week, CNN reported on the Global Grad show of the Dubai Design Week. Excelscope 2.0, the malaria diagnostic project where IDE (via J.C. Diehl) and 3mE TU Delft collaborated, was featured.

21 November 2019

Designed for our Future – Jubilee Exhibition

Following the symposium, guests gathered in the Hall of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering to enjoy a drink and catch up with friends – old and new – before visiting the jubilee exhibition. “Designed for Our Future” – officially opened by the faculty’s first graduate, Norbert Roozenburg - features 16 student projects, dug out of the archives and exhibited alongside successful current day comparators.

21 November 2019


IMPACT! That was the title of the faculty’s jubilee symposium - a name which the event did not fail to live up to. Last Thursday 14th November, eight hundred guests from the IDE community and beyond took their seats in the AULA and braced for IMPACT!

14 November 2019

"Designed for our Future"

When I was cleaning out my archives from my student days at Industrial Design Engineering (IDE), I happened upon an interactive demo that bore an eerie resemblance to current day taxi-summoning services. Anyone who has been involved in design education, either as a teacher or a student, has probably experienced the same feeling of déjà vu.

06 November 2019

IDE at Dubai Design Week’s Global Grad Show

From Tuesday 12 to Saturday 16 November, Industrial Design Engineering will be represented at the Global Grad Show in Dubai, part of the Dubai Design Week. This show aims to showcase the next generation of innovators who are designing solutions for a better world.

30 October 2019

Our Taal @ DRONGO prize for ‘Healthy storytelling’

On Saturday 26 October a prototype of the Bal & Spriet Game won the first prize at the DRONGO talenfestival (language festival).

29 October 2019

A redesigned court: impartially on your side

Dutch citizens come into contact with the courts system on average once in their life. For many people - even those accused of minor offences such as being behind on a phone bill – the experience can be overwhelming. So when MSc graduate student Rens de Graaf got the opportunity to improve the service level of the provincial Noord-Holland Court, he grasped the opportunity with both hands.

23 October 2019

Schistoscope on shortlist global Dyson Award

After becoming a runner-up in the competition for the Dutch James Dyson Award on 19 September, IDE project Schistoscope made it to the international top 20 shortlist for the worldwide James Dyson Award last week.

23 October 2019

Dutch media attention for more legroom in aircraft and Flying-V

On Friday 18 October, IDE professor Peter Vink was invited to the Dutch TV programme ‘De Wereld Draait Door’. He talked about a better design of the aircraft cabin and more legroom, developed for the Flying-V. Peter R. de Vries, guest during the programme, recently expressed his dissatisfaction about too little legroom on the plane. He was impressed: "I think Mr Vink deserves the Nobel Prize." IDE Flying-V researcher Thomas Rotte was also on TV. In EditieNL he talked about more legroom and sleeping places on the plane.

23 October 2019

Dasha Simons IDE nominee for TU Delft Best Graduate Award 2019

Each academic year the Delft University Fund awards the prize for the Best Graduate of TU Delft. Each faculty is asked to nominate their best graduate. Dasha Simons has been nominated by IDE’s faculty this year. The final announcement of the winner is on Tuesday 12 November.

23 October 2019

Delft’s visions for the future at Dutch Design Week

TU Delft's Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering showcases a selection of its designs for the future at Dutch Design Week, which runs till 27 October. 15 groups of students and researchers are exhibiting their forward-thinking work on the themes of mobility, heath and sustainability, as well as considering the role of design in shaping our future.

17 October 2019

The digital revolution is coming: Do IoT Fieldlab officially launched

The new Do IoT Fieldlab (Delft on the Internet of Things) was officially launched on Wednesday afternoon during a kick-off event on the TU Delft Campus.

15 October 2019

A meaty trick: plant-based deception for good

Eating meat is deeply rooted in habits, status, culture, and identity, so it is difficult to reduce our meat consumption. What if instead of viewing the ubiquity of meat in our meals as a problem, we see it as the key to the solution? Just by using a couple of tricks that are already found all around us. Charlotte de Wit, recently graduated student of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft, accepted this meaty challenge.

14 October 2019

The power of conscious decision making

IDE researcher Marina Bos-de Vos calls for creative professionals to make more conscious business decisions: "Then all those creative solutions, user-friendly designs, and sustainable buildings will have an even bigger positive impact.”

12 October 2019

The power of conscious decision making

“I believe this has the potential for change in our daily lives.” When Marina Bos-de Vos, researcher at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology, talks about the results of her research, her eyes light up. “Creativity can have a tremendous impact on society. But creative professionals often lose themselves along the way. If they can start to make conscious decisions about their business, their position will only get stronger. And then all those creative solutions, user-friendly designs and sustainable buildings will have an even bigger positive impact.”

10 October 2019

Design for Industry 4.0: Can designers restore the balance in the ecosystems?

On 4 October, Professor Jo Geraedts, now Emiritus Professor of Mechatronic Design, retired from the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. With his experience at TU Delft, and in the field with Océ before that, Professor Geraedts is exceptionally well positioned to look at our changing future in his farewell speech.

09 October 2019

Expertise Centre for User Focused Mobility Services launched

On Thursday 3 October, the Expertise Centre for User-Centred Mobility Services officially kicked off. In this research and design lab, TU Delft students and researchers work closely together with transport operators, government and technology developers. As successor to the Expertise Centre for E-ticketing in Public Transport, the researchers and students will apply the same user focused, integrated approach in a broader context than public transport alone. They will study personal mobility services. Because whether you’re using private, shared or public transport, in the end you want to get from A to B fast, simple and for a reasonable price.

07 October 2019

TU Delft presents scale model and cabin for energy-efficient Flying-V

At the KLM Experience Days, TU Delft will be presenting the revolutionary Flying-V.