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14 November 2018

NGI Award 2019 for the Resourceful Ageing project

The design of Connected Resources, a result of the Resourceful Ageing project, has been awarded the NGI Award 2019 for ‘outstanding contribution to a better digital life’ in the category Research and Education.

14 November 2018

Awards for Service Roadmaps designed for Ultimaker

SPD master's students: Lynn Reichenfeld, Allison Sparks, Yan Liu, Fon Panyapatiphan and Chenjing Liu won the first prize during the final presentations of the Design Roadmapping course for Ultimaker. They designed the best roadmap in terms of content. The students win a VIP tour and a presentation in the boardroom of Ultimaker. Merijn Neeleman, Global Head or Portfolio Development at Ultimaker awarded the prize.

14 November 2018

Call for papers ICED19

As announced earlier, the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering will host the 22nd edition of the bi-annual International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED19) from 5-8 August 2019. You can now submit your paper.

07 November 2018

Smart Medical Optics wins EIT Health Validation Lab at YES!Delft

After their Dutch national James Dyson Award win and publication in Plos One, the Smart Medical Optics team have won the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) Health Validation Lab at YES! Delft with their Excelscope 2.0 design.

07 November 2018

Open innovation to make city labs self-sustaining

Creative Industries Fund NL and the faculty of IDE join forces for a more inclusive and innovative participation process at (local) governments. City Making asks for innovative collaborations with local governments, organisations, knowledge institutes, businesses and citizens. The results of the NWO funded Research through Design project Participatory City Making play an important role in this new collaboration.

01 November 2018

Student column: The role of designers within social robotics

As part of her Honours Programme Master project, SPD student Josefien Scholtes researches the rise of social robotics, and the important role designers could have in this. Read her column.

01 November 2018

IDE paper track Sketching in Design Practice, Education & Research at E&PDE Glasgow 2019

Why write about your ideas, concepts and results, when a single picture says more than a thousand words? In order to bring design practice, design education and design research closer, the Design Sketching Special Interest Group led by IDE’s Jan Willem Hoftijzer will host a special track called ‘Sketching in Design Practice, Education & Research’ at the International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education (E&PDE) in Glasgow, September 2019.

25 October 2018

Products that Flow: new IDE alumni book

On 4 October, IDE alumni Siem Haffmans and Ed van Hinte presented their new book ‘Products that Flow’ at the InnovatieExpo in Rotterdam. The first print was handed over to State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven. This book is meant to be complementary to the book ‘Products that Last’ by, among others, IDE’s Conny Bakker and Marcel den Hollander.

24 October 2018

Excelscope on shortlist global Dyson Award and in open access journal Plos One

Two successes in a short time for the collaborative Smart Malaria Diagnostic project of the faculties IDE and 3mE. After winning the National Award of the James Dyson Award, the Smart Malaria Diagnostic Device ‘Excelscope’ of AED team Tazama made it to the international top 20 shortlist.

10 October 2018

Anne van Lieren IDE nominee for Best Graduate TU Delft 2018

Each academic year the Delft University Fund awards the prize for the Best Graduate of TU Delft. Each faculty is asked to nominate their best graduate. Anne van Lieren has been nominated by IDE this year. The final announcement of the winner is on Tuesday 6 November.

10 October 2018

Pieter Desmet awarded annual Prize of Excellence in Madrid

On 10 October, Professor Pieter Desmet (faculty IDE) has been awarded the annual Prize of Excellence from the International IE University (Madrid, Spain). At IE University, Pieter teaches Positive Design in the Executive Master on Positive Leadership and Strategy. The prize was awarded for receiving outstanding evaluation results in the 2017-2018 Academic Year.

03 October 2018

Design for Values open subsidy for IDE and Architecture researchers

TU Delft researchers Marina Bos-de Vos (IDE), John Heintz and Thijs Asselbergs have been awarded an Open Subsidy 2018 grant from the TU Delft Design for Values Institute for their development of an open access tutorial that helps creative professionals mitigate value conflicts in business strategies for projects.

03 October 2018

Start of new online courses

Our faculty keeps up a good presence online. Various teams are preparing or running their online courses at this moment.

03 October 2018

IDE alumni's start-up Coolfinity wins two awards in one week

Coolfinity, a start-up from IDE alumnus Maarten ten Houten, won two awards with an innovative fridge that keeps on cooling, even without power. IDE alumnus Steven Burger also currently works at Coolfinity.

29 September 2018

Nuon Solar Team is Champion Solar Racing in South Africa once more

The Nuon Solar Team has won the Sasol Solar Challenge in South Africa once again. During a couple of exhausting days, filled with technical setbacks as well as human error, the team twice lagged far behind their Japanese rivals.

29 September 2018

Student-built Delft exoskeleton wins international Cybathlon

The new MARCH III by TU Delft student team Project MARCH has won the Cybathlon Experience in Düsseldorf, the international obstacle race for exoskeletons. Entrants from several countries competed in the test of robotic harnesses for people with paraplegia, ending on 29 September. Together with ‘pilot’ Sjaan Quirijns, who has had paraplegia since 2000, MARCH III achieved the fastest time and the highest number of points. Thanks to improvements to the suit and intensive training of its wearer, the team successfully completed a four-obstacle course in just under 9.5 minutes. Project MARCH gained particular plaudits for the independent functioning of its device.

27 September 2018

MMID Foundation runs for Fizzy

The robot ball Fizzy, developed by PhD-candidate Boudewijn Boon in the Meedoen=Groeien! project, has already attracted quite the attention. A fundraising campaign with the Delft University Fund put a spotlight on his efforts to help children undergoing cancer treatment and also keep developing physically through play. Now it has also inspired people to run through rain and cold.

19 September 2018

‘Inleiding Construeren’: insight into the why of certain constructive choices

The new book ‘Inleiding construeren’ (an introduction to construction) of IDE teacher Bas Flipsen and Daan Heyen, teacher at the University of Applied Sciences, has recently been published. It is an introductory book for bachelor’s students on the analysis and design of moving objects. The book deals with the basics around mechanical solutions.

19 September 2018

Urban innovators, creative minds and enthusiastic doers wanted

The EU Horizon 2020 project DESIGNSCAPES, is looking for people eager to tackle urban or societal challenges from a creative and innovative perspective. Do you have a good idea, project or (citizen) initiative, report it for financial and professional support for feasibility studies, developing prototypes or scalability proofs.

16 September 2018

Students win world championship with high-tech recumbent bike

Cyclist Lieke de Cock won the world championship for cycling in the Nevada desert in the US with a speed of 120 km/h.

12 September 2018

New book ‘Interactive Media for Sustainability’ available

been published. The book argues that how we understand sustainability, and therefore may take action on it, is mediated by the technologies we use to engage with it.

06 September 2018

IDE students win James Dyson Award with malaria diagnostic device

Students from the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering have designed the Excelscope 2.0, a smartphone-powered tool that can diagnose malaria without the use of expensive microscopes and medical professionals. This reduces workload in developing countries, while increasing accuracy and decreasing cost of diagnoses.

05 September 2018

Start Thermo Tokyo project

Monday 3 September, the kick-off meeting of the ‘Thermo Tokyo: Beat the Heat’ project was held in Papendal. In this project research institutes, including the faculty of IDE (TU Delft), companies and sports organisations jointly cooperate to prepare the athletes of TeamNL to the extreme climate conditions in Tokyo summer during the Olympic Games.

05 September 2018

Elvin Karana wins € 2500 for bioengineering project

Delft Bioengineering Insitute has awarded Elvin Karana (faculty of IDE) and Marie-Eve Aubin-Tam ( Bionanoscience Department of Applied Sciences) with € 2500 for a graduation project on design applications for new biomaterial. The collaboration was initiated at BioDate 2018: a networking event for Principal Investigators who are interested in bioengineering. Elvin and Marie-Eve are currently looking for an IDE student who will execute the project.

31 August 2018

6500th IDE alumna

On 31 August, Avital La-Toya Zandvliet graduated as the 6500th alumna of the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft. Avital received, in addition to her master's degree certificate, a bouquet of flowers, and was briefly addressed by dean Ena Voûte from the faculty IDE.

29 August 2018

Sketching your academic output at the Royal College of Art

An international group of sketching practitioners and educators, chaired by Bryan Howell (BYU, US) and IDE head of design drawing JanWillem Hoftijzer, will offer a free workshop that explores the visual depiction of academic output through sketching. The workshop is part of the E&PDE* 2018 Conference that will take place at Imperial College and the Royal College of Art in London.

09 August 2018

Design solutions for Schiphol Airport’s busiest day

IDE researchers Suzanne Hiemstra-van Mastrigt and Sicco Santema, of the European PASSME project, were invited by several Dutch media to talk about their efforts to reduce unwanted travel time for passengers.

11 July 2018

Three Best Paper Awards for IDE contributions to the Design Research Society 2018 conference

Three Best Paper Awards were given to IDE researchers from the Design Research Society conference. The papers address the following questions: How could designers use digital data to inquire about the world in the fuzzy front-end? How can designers direct behaviour, while leaving room for end users’ appropriation? How does nurturing a designer’s personal understanding of ‘good design’ and integration of this understanding in his work, influence a design-driven innovation project and outcome?

11 July 2018

Mezzo to offer family conversation tool MyFutures

The Dutch national association for home-care Mezzo has started offering the Family Talk package, one of the results of the MyFutures project. This package was designed by researchers of IDE and Design Academy Eindhoven researchers, design agency Muzus, several care institutions and municipalities. “A conversation about the futures always feels to be too soon, until it is too late.”

10 July 2018

Environmental benefits of pay-per-wash business model revealed

Researchers from TU Delft and Lund University (Sweden) have demonstrated in practice that paying per wash results in the more economical use of washing machines. Their findings are being published in the Journal of Cleaner Production.

27 June 2018

Honourable mention Compasso D’Oro for White Book for Design-Driven Materials Innovation

On 20 June, the EU-funded research project Light.Touch.Matters, concluded in summer 2016, received an honourable mention during the Compasso D’Oro (Golden Compass) award ceremony in Milan for ‘The White Book’.

27 June 2018

Second skin to make old houses energy neutral

Old buildings: impossible to heat in winter, and way too hot in summer. Are there more solutions than to demolish them? Associate professor Sacha Silvester of the faculty of IDE explains ‘Second skin’ in Delta.

20 June 2018

The Walsh-Weston Award for papers Ling Xia and Sylvia Pont

Former IDE PhD student (CSC fellow) Ling Xia and IDE professor Sylvia Pont have received the Walsh-Weston Award for two papers from The Society of Light and Lighting. The papers are published in the journal Lighting Research and Technology in 2017.

20 June 2018

Delft Technology Fellowship for new Professor Design, Culture and Society

The new Professor Design, Culture and Society, Bregje van Eekelen, has been awarded a Delft Technology Fellowship. She will start 1 October at the department Industrial Design, faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (TU Delft).

13 June 2018

IDE alumni in ‘Sustainable Young 100’ 2018

Three IDE alumni are listed in the Dutch Sustainable Youth 100 (Duurzame Jonge 100) of 2018, an overview of the 100 most inspiring young trend setters in the field of sustainability.