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23 May 2019

Medisign students place second at Dutch Hacking Health

At the Dutch Hacking Health, a healthcare hackathon where healthcare problems are solved within a weekend in a multidisciplinairy group, a team of mostly DfI and IPD students were awarded second place in the Innovation category for their VR design in cooperation with SyncVR.

23 May 2019

Shower toilet is advancing: are we all going to spray our buttocks in the future?

There is a good chance that you have come across them (on holiday): toilets with a sprayer with which you can rinse your buttocks clean after going number 2. The toilet with shower function now also seems to be on the rise in the Netherlands. Associate professor Johan Molenbroek of the IDE faculty was interviewed about this by EditieNL (RTL News) on Monday 20 May. View the broadcast (in Dutch).

23 May 2019

Ingrid Mulder nominated for jubilee competition Bataafsch Society of Experimental Philosophy

Ingrid Mulder is one of the three candidates nominated for the jubilee competition to underline the importance of Experimental Philosophy for society, and to stimulate its application.

09 May 2019

Inaugural speeches: For truly sustainable design a new approach is needed

Materials getting scarce, and oceans full of plastic: a radical redesign of our business models, production processes and consumer behaviour is needed.

08 May 2019

Kaspar Jansen on Dutch TV about smart sportswear

With his research into smart sportswear that can prevent injuries, Kaspar Jansen (researcher IDE) was interviewed for the TV programme Sportlab Sedoc with Gregory Sedoc. RTL Z also recently made a nice video of Kaspar's research. Listen back to the programmes.

08 May 2019

Jasper van Kuijk at BNR about love for the design process

On Thursday 2 May Jasper van Kuijk, researcher IDE, was a guest at the Dutch radio programme De Technoloog (BNR). Jasper spoke about the improvements that can be made in IT care, about the disappearance of cash and about the touchscreens of cars. The underlying message: pay more attention to the design process and only then start building. Listen to the podcast.

08 May 2019

ID Education proudly presents: the Pluim awards 2019

On Wednesday 8 May, the ID Education Committee presented the yearly Pluim awards during Pluim-Kafee. These awards are given to IDE staff by students, to show their appreciation. The Pluim awards included ‘Best bachelor course’, ‘Most inspiring teacher’ for both bachelor and the three master programmes, and ‘Most appreciated employee’. In addition, this year there was a jury award for the support staff.

01 May 2019

Podcast Metro21: Smart Cities Institute with IDE

Recently Christine De Lille, Barend Klitsie, Matthijs Netten and Rebecca Price of the faculty of IDE travelled to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh (USA) as part of the KLM Design Doing research. They shared their research with the ‘Metro21 Smart Cities Institute’ and also conducted a podcast.

24 April 2019

Willemijn Elkhuizen at BNR Nieuwsradio about 3D scanning technology

On Thursday 18 April, Willemijn Elkhuizen was interviewed by Thomas Schuurman from BNR Nieuwsradio (BNR News radio) for the programme BNR Techniektour (BNR Technique tour), together with Abbie Vandivere, curator at the Mauritshuis. They talked about the use of 3D scanning technology to reproduce and monitor paintings. Willemijn can be heard from around 12:15 min.

27 March 2019

IDE student runner up Golden RAI Wheel Student award

Imagine a jury is so impressed with your project, that they create an award just for you. IDE student Harm Cnossen became runner up with his graduation project ‘MIND, exclusivity through conduct’. But this year, in addition to the prize awarding of the Golden RAI Wheel (Gouden RAI Wiel), a student prize was also awarded for the first time at the annual RAI Automotive diner in The Hague on 25 March.

19 March 2019

Is there a future for cash?

Igo Boerrigter, master student at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft, was commissioned by De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), the central bank of the Netherlands, to analyse the current use of cash. Based on this analysis he made recommendations for a sustainable, usable and affordable cash system for the future. He also devised a more user-friendly alternative to coins.

07 March 2019

InterregNWE funding for sustainable school buildings project ENERGE

European school buildings, which mostly consists of buildings from pre-war times, are generally very energy inefficient. How can we renovate their infrastructure, when looking at the 2050 European greenhouse gas (GHG) target of zero emissions?

07 March 2019

Contributing to a better world

The faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft exists for 50 years. Once the study started with two students; now there are two thousand. One thing has remained the same. "Here we design the world of the future," says dean Ena Voûte.

06 March 2019

Lesson series ‘Your Turn’ trains children’s design skills

In our rapidly changing society, primary education is expected to teach children a broad set of skills in creativity, empathy and communication. A lesson series for primary education has now been published to teach such 21st-century skills through design projects.

06 March 2019

Natalia Romero Hererra editor in chief

Starting this March, Natalia Romero Hererra became editor in chief of the EAI Endorsed Transaction on Pervasive Health and Technologies.

06 March 2019

Stratus Seat nominated for the Crystal Cabin Award 2019

In the course Joint Master Project of the faculty of IDE (TU Delft), a student team has undertaken a redesign of the Business Class environment, in collaboration with Safran Seats. Their entry, the ‘Stratus Seat’, is one of the three finalists for the Crystal Cabin Award in the category ‘University’.

27 February 2019

KIEM grant for ‘Communicating user-centered design to non-design professionals’

How do we grant as much people as possible access to knowledge about user-centered design? IDE researcher Jeroen van Kuijk, together with Prof. Pieter Jan Stappers and Assistant Prof. Arnold Vermeeren, was just awarded an NWO KIEM grant of € 15.000 in order to create a comprehensive and accessible overview of these design principles and methods.

30 January 2019

Research 3D print graded microstructures published in Additive Manufacturing

24 January 2019

TU Delft students present eight innovative robots

A robot that removes weeds, a robot that journeys deep below the sea and a robot that can fish blue algae from the water. These, together with five other robots, will be on display at the demo day of the TU Delft Minor in Robotics on Thursday, 30 January 2018.

24 January 2019

Interactive Environment students present complete office furnishings at AMS

On 23 January, students of the Interactive Environment minor presented six projects that together form the office furnishings at one floor of AMS in Amsterdam. Their goal is to stimulate cooperation and knowledge sharing in office environments. The coming months, people will actually work in this ‘living lab’.

09 January 2019

Registration conference on 'Design for Wellbeing Education' opened

On 5 April, the Wellbeing, Happiness and Health DRS Special Interest Group (SIGWELL) organises the conference Wellbeing by Design: Teaching Practices & Ethical Reflections. During this conference, the latest insights into design for welbeing education, with special attention to ethics, will be shared and discussed. Do you want to participate? You can register now. You can also register to make a contribution.

20 December 2018

Call opened for EIT Health proposals

EIT Health is a network of best-in-class health innovators, including TU Delft and Erasmus MC Rotterdam, backed by the European Union. EIT Health collaborates across borders to deliver new solutions that enable European citizens to live longer, healthier lives. There is now a call open for proposals for activities that will improve the health of European citizens through innovative products and services, education activities, and entrepreneurship. Deadline mandatory pre-proposal is 15 February.

13 December 2018

Industrial Design Engineering in winning consortia EIT Manufacturing

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) has announced that the consortium that includes TU Delft (and our faculty) has won the call for a new Knowledge and Innovation Community EIT Manufacturing. Through the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS), TU Delft is also involved in the winning consortium for the EIT Urban Mobility call.

29 November 2018

Tessa Dekkers and Marijke Melles research patient experience during outpatient surgeries

The number of outpatient surgeries, where patients do not have to stay in hospital overnight, is increasing. All activities of such surgeries take place within one day. The entire patient process before, during and after surgery is also called the perioperative process. A group of researchers and students of Industrial Design Engineering (TU Delft) and doctors of Erasmus MC, Reinier de Graaf and Xpert Clinic looked into perioperative patient experiences during outpatient hand and wrist surgeries.

29 November 2018

Paul Hekkert in Dutch television show Voor de Vorm

In the Dutch public broadcasting show ‘Voor de Vorm’, designer Christien Meinderstma examines the shape of everyday objects. This episode is about the mobile phone. Our very own Paul Hekkert contributed to this episode.

28 November 2018

Elmer van Grondelle at BNR Newsradio's Big Five

The role of the car is changing, and so the design also changes drastically. In BNR's Big Five of the Car, Elmer van Grondelle, car designer and teacher of Advanced Automotive Design from the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, explains how the car starts at the drawing board. Presenter of the radio programme is Roelof Hemmen. (In Dutch.)

21 November 2018

Call for papers ICED19 – deadline extended to 16 December

As announced earlier, the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering will host the 22nd edition of the bi-annual International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED19) from 5-8 August 2019. You can now submit your paper.

20 November 2018

TU Delft malaria diagnostic device international runner up in James Dyson Award

With the design of their Excelscope 2.0, TU Delft students were runners up in the international finals of the James Dyson Award on 15 November. The Excelscope 2.0 is a device for diagnosing malaria, based on a cheap smartphone. The students designed the housing for the device and fitted it with a ball-lens, enabling it to operate as a microscope.

14 November 2018

NGI Award 2019 for the Resourceful Ageing project

The design of Connected Resources, a result of the Resourceful Ageing project, has been awarded the NGI Award 2019 for ‘outstanding contribution to a better digital life’ in the category Research and Education.

14 November 2018

Awards for Service Roadmaps designed for Ultimaker

SPD master's students Lynn Reichenfeld, Allison Sparks, Yan Liu, Fon Panyapatiphan and Chenjing Liu won the first prize during the final presentations of the Design Roadmapping course for Ultimaker. They designed the best roadmap in terms of content. The students win a VIP tour and a presentation in the boardroom of Ultimaker. Merijn Neeleman, Global Head or Portfolio Development at Ultimaker awarded the prize.

14 November 2018

Robotic 3D-printed chaise longue changes into a bed

A robotic 3D-printed chaise longue that can be transformed into a bed (and back again). This creation by TU Delft researchers can now be seen in the Delft Science Centre.

08 November 2018

Sustainable washing power: investment for spin-off HOMIE

07 November 2018

Smart Medical Optics wins EIT Health Validation Lab at YES!Delft

After their Dutch national James Dyson Award win and publication in Plos One, the Smart Medical Optics team have won the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) Health Validation Lab at YES! Delft with their Excelscope 2.0 design.

07 November 2018

Open innovation to make city labs self-sustaining

Creative Industries Fund NL and the faculty of IDE join forces for a more inclusive and innovative participation process at (local) governments. City Making asks for innovative collaborations with local governments, organisations, knowledge institutes, businesses and citizens. The results of the NWO funded Research through Design project Participatory City Making play an important role in this new collaboration.

01 November 2018

Student column: The role of designers within social robotics

As part of her Honours Programme Master project, SPD student Josefien Scholtes researches the rise of social robotics, and the important role designers could have in this. Read her column.