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01 April 2020

Coming Soon! ‘Product Design: The Delft Design Approach’

Maybe you know teenagers with some time on their hands right now? ‘Product Design: The Delft Design Approach’ might be just the thing to keep them occupied. Next Tuesday April 7, this mini MOOC aimed at secondary school students aged 12-15 years will be launched in Dutch, as well as the original English version. Spread the word!

01 April 2020

IDE in the media – week 14

01 April 2020

New book Erik Tempelman out now: NSFD

After five years of writing, Erik Tempelman’s new book is out: ‘NSFD: engineering essays on structures & materials’. Written for students, teachers, and design professionals, this book covers key engineering topics, such as statics, strength, and stiffness. But it also looks closely at lightweight design, smart materials, future materials and quite a lot more.

01 April 2020

Out of the Blue #14: (Not) Safe for Designers?

Material science is often a black box for designers. But in Delft Design, knowledge on material properties is essential. Erik Tempelman has literally written the book on it: “(Not) Safe for Designers”. He talks with Ianus Keller about the surprising journeys of material properties, how the Pixar character Anton Ego inspires him and explores the meaning of the Dutch word ‘stevig’. ________ In the IDE Podcast Series ‘Out of the Blue’, Teacher of Practice Ianus Keller and PhD candidate Frithjof Wegener talk with our designers, researchers, students and teachers about their stories. Thankfully, we’re allowed to listen in.

30 March 2020

Delft Design Guide 2.0 hits international book shelves

The completely revised and extended ‘Delft Design Guide’ is now on sale internationally. This design reference manual has been created for everyone that is - or aspires to be - a designer. Written and edited by Annemiek van Boeijen, Jaap Daalhuizen and Jelle Zijlstra, with contributions from more than 70 design researchers and practitioners, it has been created to help you to understand how a designer thinks, what a designer does and how this is done, the Delft way.

27 March 2020

3D printed component makes snorkel mask useful for medics

IDE researchers, in collaboration with physicians and industry, designed a unique 3D printed connector to connect an ordinary snorkel mask to a filter system. This makes the snorkel mask usable as a protective mask for medical personnel. The design has been made available worldwide on Thingyverse.

26 March 2020

Forced to work at home

Due to the current Corona crisis, we have all been forced to work from home. But how do you maintain a work-life balance, or a good working posture when encountering bad ergonomics? After all, most of us did not design our home as a more permanent work-space. We asked our own Professor of Environmental Ergonomics, Peter Vink, to provide us all with some handy tips.

26 March 2020

How a re-fitted snorkel mask can save lives: Air-Wave Protector

A consortium of anaesthesiologists, universities and companies have worked together at speed to develop a safe medical mask for potential use in the corona crisis. The design connects a popular snorkel mask with an industrial filter unit which will make use of a unique 3D printed connector.

26 March 2020

Corona Coping Tool

Faced by the corona pandemic, society had been prescribed a pill named social distancing. In practical terms this means that most of must stay at home. This presents a variety of challenges. Those of us who live alone run the risk of loneliness; while those of us surrounded by family and friends are confronted by noise and a lack of (head) space. But it’s not only our physical situation which has a bearing on how we might react to social distancing, our underlying personality traits can also influence how we might fair over the coming weeks and months.

25 March 2020

TU Delft students develop ventilators for corona crisis

Last week saw the launch of OperationAIR. This initiative, set up by a group of master’s students aims to develop a simple and relatively inexpensive ventilator to address possible shortages in hospitals caused by the corona crisis.

25 March 2020

Nine new tenure track positions at Industrial Design Engineering TU Delft

‘Matching evolution of people and revolution of technology.’ This is the mission of our Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) at TU Delft. Delft designers act as a bridge between advances in technology and the needs of people, organisations and society. We research and create products, services and systems with purpose.

25 March 2020

Conny Bakker named Honorary Member of BNO

Professor of Design Methodology for Sustainability and Circular Economy Conny Bakker has been named Honorary Member of the Association of Dutch Designers (BNO) for her remarkable contributions to the design profession.

25 March 2020

Giving all children space to play

Several hundred children in the Netherlands are lying in hospital beds, undergoing cancer treatment; around the world, that number is in the millions. Treatment can last for months and, even when a child’s treatment comes to an end, there are the follow up visits, which go on for a further three years on average. Children undergoing cancer treatment lose out on a lot, from attending school to playing sports. Boudewijn Boon, who just completed his PhD at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, developed a framework in his thesis to help these children with something else they miss out on: play.

18 March 2020

The greatest designs of modern times

What constitutes great design? Fortune magazine recently published the findings of IIT Institute of Design research project, 100 Great Designs of Modern Times. This concludes a near yearlong effort to update Jay Doblin’s original study - 100 Best Products of Modern Times, first published in 1959. IDE’s dean Ena Voûte, participated in the research and three of her great design choices are featured in the final presentation: Lego Building Blocks, Post-Its and Philip’sHue Lighting System.

17 March 2020

Designing to solve large-scale problems? Learn from Leonardo da Vinci

It sounds so good - industrial design engineering for a better world. However, these designs need to address a complex reality. Doctoral candidate Wouter Kersten has been investigating a method that would map this complexity even before the start of the design process.

12 March 2020

IDE in the media – week 9

11 March 2020

IDE in the media – week 11

11 March 2020

New rituals and concepts for 'humusation': IDE designs in CUBE Design museum’s (Re)Design Death exhibition

The (Re)Design Death exhibition shows contemporary design around saying goodbye, dying, mourning and remembering. Around fifty objects show how designers, often after a personal experience, give substance to the needs and rituals that exist around death. Fifteen IDE master's students explored how design can support the acceptance of humusation, a new form of funeral. Their designs can be seen at the exhibition.

05 March 2020

IDE in the media – week 10

05 March 2020

Design and Public Policy, a two way street

How do we ignite a broader discussion on the value of design for tackling societal challenges? The first version of the H2020 project Designscapes’ Green Paper on Design-enabled Innovation in Urban Environment is now in an extensive consultation phase. It is available online now.

04 March 2020

Maaike Kleinsmann appointed Professor in Design of Digital Transformation

On 27 February 2020, Maaike Kleinsmann was appointed as Full Professor in Design of Digital Transformation at the Design, Organisation and Strategy department of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (TU Delft).

27 February 2020

‘Alliance for Sports Engineering Education’ launch

This week, the EU funded project A4SEE officially started. In this Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance project, the TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute works alongside companies, sports federations, and other universities, to try and close the gap between the sports industry and sports engineering education. The project is led by IDE lecturer Arjen Jansen and the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. Project partners include Sheffield Hallam University, Chemnitz Technical University, Aalborg University and UAS Technikum Wien.

26 February 2020

ENRGISED! How to make the sustainable contagious

The Netherlands’ commitment to discontinue natural gas use by 2050 requires the cooperation of millions of households. To address this major challenge, IDE’s assistant professors Jotte de Koning and Ella Jamsin will develop an intervention strategy in which citizens mobilise each other and help make alternatives acceptable. With local partners this strategy will be tested in field trials. Wednesday 19 February was the official kick-off meeting of the ENRGISED project.

26 February 2020

Flying-V beds nominated for Crystal Cabin Award 2020

The organisation of the Crystal Cabin Awards, the international prize for innovations in the field of aircraft cabins and passenger experience, has nominated the design by Industrial Design Engineering (TU Delft) students for collapsible beds for the Flying-V concept in the category ‘University’. The winners will be announced at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg on 31 March.

19 February 2020

IDE in the media – week 8

17 February 2020

Hot off the press! Delft Design Guide 2.0

The second edition of the Delft Design Guide is available now. This essential reference manual for design methods - many of which are developed, taught and used at TU Delft’s Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering – is back from the printers and available in the Netherlands first, ahead of it going on sale internationally on March 30 2020.

13 February 2020

New IDE research projects funded by NWO

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO in Dutch) has announced that their NWO call on Transitions and behaviour has awarded funding to three projects involving IDE staff. The call focused specifically on research into behaviour and behavioural change that makes transitions possible and accelerates these.

12 February 2020

Out of the Blue #13: Big Fat Nonsense

From fat shaming to self-acceptance. Join Ianus in a conversation designed for taboo topics as weight and mental health. He talks with IDE alumna Sam van Eijk about her graduation project Big Fat Nonsense. ________ In the IDE Podcast Series ‘Out of the Blue’, Teacher of Practice Ianus Keller and PhD candidate Frithjof Wegener talk with our designers, researchers, students and teachers about their stories. Thankfully, we’re allowed to listen in.

06 February 2020

TU Delft and the National Library of the Netherlands launch Future Libraries Lab

TU Delft and the Royal Library of the Netherlands (KB) are launching the Future Libraries Lab

06 February 2020

Future Libraries Lab

05 February 2020

IDE in the media – week 6

05 February 2020

Flying-V on shortlist Crystal Cabin Award 2020

Three interior concepts from the Flying-V project by Professor Peter Vink have been nominated for the Crystal Cabin Award 2020. Students in this project designed the Chaise Longue, a three-seater bench which can be converted into three sleeping positions and another economy class sleeping facility. The Crystal Cabin Award is the international prize for innovations in the field of aircraft cabins and passenger experience.

30 January 2020

Elementary school pupils meet IDE professors

TU Delft is celebrating its 178th anniversary this month together with elementary school pupils. On Wednesday 29 January, they gave a guest lecture to Class 7 and 8 pupils (10-12 years old) on several elementary schools in Delft. Professors Pieter Jan Stappers, Elisa Giaccardi and Richard Goossens represented the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering.

29 January 2020

IO in the media - week 5

29 January 2020

VEDIS Retail Scriptieprijs for IDE alumna

Maud van de Mosselaar, who graduated in 2019, won the VEDIS Retail Scriptieprijs (Thesis Prize) on 21 January. Maud has won this prize for her thesis ‘Changing Mindsets - Museum as an Inspiration for Fashion Retailers to adopt a purpose-driven mindset’. She wins a prize of € 3,000.