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24 June 2020

Notable honor Core77 Design Awards for Mailin Lemke

As part of a team from the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, IDE’s Mailin Lemke has received a Notable honor in the Strategy & Research category in the 2020 Core77 Design Awards programme. The team won the award for their development of a head-only-MRI system.

18 June 2020

IDE in the media – week 25

11 June 2020

IDE in the media – week 24

11 June 2020

New department chair for Human-Centered Design

Richard Goossens to lead Health and Technology Convergence After almost five years heading up IDE’s Human-Centered Design Department, Professor Richard Goossens will be taking on a new challenge as the programme director for the Erasmus MC–TU Delft-Erasmus University Health and Technology Convergence which combines the expertise of these three institutions. It’s a role for which Richard is uniquely qualified, with his many years of research experience at Erasmus MC, where he worked as a PhD student and researcher; and at TU Delft, where Richard has spearheaded the Medisign track.

08 June 2020

Out of the Blue #18: Neutral is impossible

There is no universal design. Everyday objects and services that work in some parts of the world, are totally different somewhere else. Annemiek van Boeijen, assistant-professor Design, Culture & Society, argues for design creativity, context and richness in her new book Culture Sensitive Design. We’re also joined by special guest Timo de Rijk, Director of the Design Museum in Den Bosch, to discuss culture, design history and the stupidity of efficiency. ________ In the IDE Podcast Series ‘Out of the Blue’, Teacher of Practice Ianus Keller and PhD candidate Frithjof Wegener talk with our designers, researchers, students and teachers about their stories. Thankfully, we’re allowed to listen in.

04 June 2020

Using design thinking to respond to crises

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic generated a number of wicked problems for industrial marketers, who were suddenly faced with a lack of markets and potentially disastrous future. Wicked problems require tools that enable decision makers to break out of preferred patterns of thinking. Design thinking, or the problem solving approaches and tools of designers, represents one such approach. IDE’s Assistant Professor Pinar Cankurtaran and University of Sussex’s Michael B. Beverland identified a process of design thinking that involves disrupting previous assumptions and practices, developing ‘good enough’ solutions, and transforming firm practices to ensure greater future resilience. Their research Using design thinking to respond to crises: B2B lessons from the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic is published in Elsevier's scientific journal ‘Industrial Marketing Management’.

04 June 2020

Routine Dynamics meets Service Design

Service designers often struggle with the organisational changes needed to implement a service. So why not have service designers engage with people that study organisational change? With this in mind, PhD Candidate Frithjof Wegener organised an online workshop in collaboration with Livework Studio and the Routines.Research.Community. He shares key insights of the afternoon with us.

04 June 2020

Decoding the Digital Future

We are living in the midst of a digital transformation of society. As digital technologies enhance and in some cases, replace human judgement and activities, what is the role of the designer? What new knowledge and skills does the designer of today and tomorrow need to anticipate and guide this transformation towards desirable outcomes? A new European research project led by IDE, Fundamentals of Design Competence for Our Digital Future (or D-CoDE for short), aims to tackle these very questions through a pioneering research training programme.

03 June 2020

IDE in the media – week 23

03 June 2020

Still Alive book now online

Elvin Karana’s new book Still Alive, on material-based biodesign and livingness, is now available to read for free, prior to the book launch later this month. Discover how Elvin and fellow researchers, designers and artists of the Material Incubator Lab research how we will live with our products such as living textiles and performative living light.

03 June 2020

Unmasking the Mask

Everything that is designed influences our cultures and societies. Likewise, cultures and societies, with their respective belief systems and values, influence designers in terms of why they design, how they design, and what they design. There’s a continuous interaction between designing and being designed, between people and the designed world. What is the cultural significance of the defining - and sometimes divisive - symbol of the corona pandemic: the mask?

02 June 2020

Annemiek van Boeijen launches new book: Culture Sensitive Design

On 1 June, IDE researcher Annemiek van Boeijen launched Culture Sensitive Design - A guide to culture in practice. This book offers a detailed overview of both theory and practical methods to become culturally sensitive in the 21st century design culture.

02 June 2020

TU Delft launches first eight TU Delft AI Labs

How can artificial intelligence (AI) accelerate scientific progress? Delft scientists will investigate this question in eight new 'TU Delft AI Labs'.

28 May 2020

Social Distancing Dashboard on the media map

On Wednesday 13 May, researchers from IDE and AMS Institute launched the Social Distancing Dashboard. This online tool helps you navigate the streets of major Dutch cities in a time of 1,5 metre social distance. It set of quite the firestorm of Dutch media coverage.

27 May 2020

2020 Winners of the Golden, Silver and Bronze Marker

Each year IDE’s Design Sketching and Visualisation teaching staff selects the best student work from the Design Visualisation course to form a longlist of best posters. This longlist is whittled down to the top three. This year students Lisa Laverman, Lars Timmerman, and Silke Snijder were selected for the Golden, Silver and Bronze Marker 2020.

27 May 2020

IDE in the media – week 22

27 May 2020

Pluim Award winners 2020

On Wednesday 20 May, ID Education announced the winners of the Pluim Awards. This annual celebration of the most inspiring teachers and most valued employees was reinvented by the student committee in a format suitable for social distancing: a lively online radio show.

27 May 2020

Frido Smulders appointed professor in Entrepreneurial Engineering by Design

On 12 May 2020, Frido Smulders was appointed as full professor in Entrepreneurial Engineering by Design at the Design, Organisation and Strategy department of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (TU Delft).

27 May 2020

Spread Music. Not COVID.

In the coming weeks, Dutch choirs will be dusting off their song sheets, clearing their throats and bursting into song. Hallelujah! Or perhaps not. With so much uncertainty as to the circumstances in which coronavirus is transmitted, being a member of the choral society is suddenly a risky business. Luckily, five creative-minded TU Delft students, include two IDE-ers, are on the case. After being approached by the Nederlandse Bach Vereniging, IDE’s Professor Sicco Santema set up the volunteer student team to help find a solution.

27 May 2020

Elif Özcan Vieira in new online Convergence magazine

At the start of 2020, our Rector Magnificus Tim van der Hagen announced a new intensive collaboration between TU Delft, Erasmus Medical Centre and Erasmus University Rotterdam: Convergence. This years-long, multi million euro project aims to combine our joined knowledge and research on technology, medical and social sciences, and economics to tackle the health challenges we face locally and globally. IDE researcher Elif Özcan Vieira and her collaborative We\Visit project was recently featured in the new online Convergence magazine.

27 May 2020

Internship Opportunity at Erasmus Medical Center – General Practice

The corona pandemic has massively impacted General Practice (GP), with many practices having had to reduce opening hours to a bare minimum. But with pressure on the health system having eased in recent weeks, some GPs are considering resuming regular office hours. This leads to the challenge of social distancing, including the 1.5 metre rule, which will have to be implemented into their daily practice. GPs are asking just how to go about this.

15 May 2020

Merlijn Sluiter is IDE graduate 7000

On 11 May, we welcomed our 7000th graduate student. Congratulations to Merlijn Sluiter! Our dean Ena Voûte surprised her after her online thesis defence. Merlijn graduated under Associate Professor Jan Carel Diehl and Professor Jo van Engelen. She performed research on schistosomiasis (or bilharzia) amongst children, farmers and rural communities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

14 May 2020

Airwave snorkel masks to protect medical staff on Dutch corona wards

Doctors and nurses working on the corona wards of three Dutch hospitals will soon be wearing re-configured snorkel masks, which have been co-developed by TU Delft.

14 May 2020

IDE welcomes Professor of Healthcare Systems, John Clarkson

At a time in which the world’s healthcare systems are being challenged in ways never seen before, IDE is strengthening its Medisign team with an outstanding new member. John Clarkson, Professor of Engineering Design at the University of Cambridge has been appointed as part-time full professor at IDE, joining Professor Richard Goossens’ team. Richard enthuses: “John has a long track record in design for healthcare projects, as well as in research and education. He will help us to further implement the systems approach in health and care design. We are looking forward to working with him over the coming years”

14 May 2020

Triple IDE win at iF Design Talent Award 2020

IDE projects Foxpat, Excelscope 2.0 and the Schistoscope have won an iF Design Talent Award. This award is one of the most important design prizes for students from all over the world. There were around 10.000 submissions this year and 112 have been selected as winners. Foxpat has even been highlighted in the 'Best of the Year' list - one of just seven designs. iF provides a platform for talented young designers and their future-oriented concepts.

14 May 2020

Talking the walk: tailored healthcare

Hospitals want happy and satisfied patients. And they need them, because healthcare is a competitive market. Especially when it comes to non-life threatening procedures, public hospitals face serious competition from private clinics, where there is an increasing focus on the patient experience, or the ‘patient journey’ as it is called. But how do you create the right patient experience and good, manageable tailored care? Bob Groeneveld researched this question using one common procedure as an example: a total hip replacement.

13 May 2020

IDE in the media – week 20

13 May 2020

Sound bytes: sightless coding

For visually impaired researchers, learning to programme can be challenging. A tool called CuriO offers a multisensory route. IDE alumnus Krishna Thiruvengadam, who was coached by Ianus Keller and Wilfred van der Vegte, tells about this graduation project in the scientific journal Nature.

13 May 2020

Social Distancing Dashboard provides roadmap for city dwellers

The Social Distancing Dashboard creates city maps that show on a street and neighbourhood level if social distance rules can be respected when moving in public space.

07 May 2020

We\Visit: combatting loneliness with video calling

For patients hospitalised with COVID-19, the battle is not just a physical fight against the virus, it’s a psychological struggle against isolation. Witnessing the impact of isolation on coronavirus patients, the Renier de Graaf Hospital in Delft reached out to scientists at Delft University of Technology to ask for help in developing an easy-to-use and secure communications platform.

06 May 2020

Comenius Teaching Fellowship grant for IDE lecturers

Stefan Persaud and Bas Flipsen have received a Comenius Teaching Fellowship grant for the development of a set of methods and tools for coaches to improve performance of multi-diverse teams in university courses.

06 May 2020

Personalised games help kids with mental health disorders

Mental health disorders are the leading cause of disability in children and adolescents. In fact, 30% of young people suffer from such disorders. And while traditional therapies are effective, there is still room for improvement in treatment approaches. For her PhD, Marierose Heineken-van Dooren set out to research how personalised gamification can be used to enhance the implementation of eHealth therapy in youth mental healthcare.

29 April 2020

IDE in the media – week 19

29 April 2020

We\Visit: combatting loneliness with video-calling

Visiting a loved one who’s critically ill: normally that’s possible, but due to the coronavirus, visiting ICUs is no longer permitted. The result is a lonely fight behind closed doors. In an attempt to combat the loneliness, researchers at Delft University of Technology have come up with We\Visit: a tool that facilitates video-calling by appointment. And it was developed at lightning speed after the Reinier de Graaf hospital sounded the alarm.

28 April 2020

Smart shielding wall for care providers

The shortages of personal protective equipment are increasing the pressure on the healthcare system in the fight against COVID-19. In collaboration with Pieter van der Staay, FLEX/design, Delmic, Star-shl diagnostic centres and Scala Scientific, a team of TU Delft students have developed a smart shielding wall that relieves care providers of time-consuming and complicated cleaning protocols.