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04 September 2019

Out of the Blue #6 now online – An Audience with the Context Queen

How do you observe people to improve your design? In the latest IDE podcast episode, we take a deepdive into the world of context mapping with Froukje Sleeswijk-Visser. She pioneered this design research methodology as a way of gaining insight into the user of future designs. Listen to Froukje and you will never look at colour of your Wi-Fi router in the same way.

04 September 2019

Delft Design for Values proposal accepted

Abhigyan Singh’s, IDE postdoc, proposal ‘Values in peer-to-peer energy exchanges in smart decentralised energy systems’ has been accepted by the Delft Design for Values (DDfV) Open Subsidy programme. The proposal, which has been awarded € 7,000, extends findings of Abhigyan’s PhD research. IDE's Professor David Keyson and Dr Zeki Erkin of EEMCS are co-applicants.

29 August 2019

AiTech Symposium - Registration is now open!

How can humans stay in control over artificial intelligence and autonomous systems? How can we design and engineer systems that support societal values? The rapid development of AI brings benefits, but also creates ethical and socio-economic challenges. Now is the time to define how we want intelligent technologies to advance human well-being, without compromising our moral and social values. You are kindly invited to the 1st AiTech Symposium to discuss how we can achieve and maintain meaningful human control over autonomous systems.

07 August 2019

Colour 3D printing helps robot see its own fingers

11 July 2019

IDE welcomes new Professor and Chair of Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence

Alessandro Bozzon has been appointed as Professor and chairman of the new chair in Human-Centered Intelligence.

11 July 2019

IDE students upcycle kerosene lamps

Have you ever heard of the word karabai? It is Swahili for kerosene lamp. These lamps are widely used in Tanzania – for example during night fishing but are problematic due to kerosene’s explosive nature and the noxious gas that it emits.

10 July 2019

Elif Özcan-Vieira’s work featured in New York Times

With her work on combatting noise and alarm fatigue in hospitals, Elif Özcan-Vieira captured the attention of the New York Times. She was interviewed about her research with the Critical Alarms Lab. The article is out now!

26 June 2019

Paintrobot 'Bob Rob'

Can a painting be considered ‘art’ if it is constructed by artificial intelligence and painted by a robot? The performance Paintrobot ‘Bob Rob’ posed this question in a German art exhibition that recently took place. With one of the Universal Robots manipulators of the Applied Labs, a multidisciplinary team established a system, which is able to use sensory information, calculate a painting and paint it with different colours.

26 June 2019

Jasper van Kuijk member of selection committee Innovatiebudget

Innovatiebudget (innovation budget) is a programme of the government that subsidises projects to improve digital services offered by the government to businesses and citizens. Governments can submit projects themselves and offer challenges to market parties. Between 2019 and 2021 each year € 6 million is available to support government project in the early stages of innovation.

26 June 2019

The shape of things to come

IDE researchers were awarded the best paper award (second place) in the Symposium on Solid and Physical Modeling (SPM), part of the International Geometry Summit 2019. The awarded paper is coauthored by PhD student Tim Kuipers (Ultimaker), and his supervisors Jun Wu and Charlie Wang (promotor).

26 June 2019

IDE student BestGraduate 2019

Marco van der Woude, IDE student (TU Delft) who is taking a master's degree in Strategic Product Design has become BestGraduates winner. He received the prize of € 10,000 and an honorable mention and attention from the Dutch business community. BestGraduates works together with the top employers in the Netherlands. Read the article (in Dutch).

26 June 2019

Best Dissertation Award 2018 for Anne Kranzbühler

On Wednesday 19 June, assistant professor Anne Kranzbühler from the IDE faculty (TU Delft) received the Best Dissertation Award 2018 from SERVSIG (Service Special Interest Group of the American Marketing Association). She has won a prize of $ 1000.

19 June 2019

Discussing bio-based material experiences with Elvin Karana

The world of design is in need of new materials that align with the urgency for sustainability. Issues such as climate change, plastic waste and harmful materials require us to explore new paths and develop new methods.

13 June 2019

IDE students Runner Up at Core77 Design Awards 2019

The Silent Patient monitor Ultimo, developed by students at the Critical Alarms Lab of the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, has been awarded runner up status for the best design award in the category of health and wellbeing at the Core77 Design Awards 2019. Congratulations to students Nitin Gurram, Marek Torbus, Yuxiang Wang, Anna Gębala, David Schuit, and Doris Boschma.

13 June 2019

IDE alumni and student in ‘Sustainable Young 100’ 2019

Various IDE alumni and a student are listed in the Dutch Sustainable Youth 100 (Duurzame Jonge 100) of 2019, an overview of the 100 most inspiring young trend setters in the field of sustainability.

12 June 2019

Ludo Hille Ris Lambers wins public prize TU Delft Ideation Pitch

On Tuesday 11 June, IDE student Ludo Hille Ris Lambers successfully pitched his graduation project, focused on a 3D printer for hospitals in Africa. He pitched with the other finalists on BNR News Radio for the Ideation Pitch at YES!Delft. Ludo won the public prize of € 1,500. You can listen to his pitch (in Dutch) here.

12 June 2019

Industrial Design Engineering and Schiphol join forces to accelerate innovations for passengers and the airport

TU Delft and Royal Schiphol Group are joining forces to shape the passenger experience and the operational process at the airport. They wish to work together in a creative way to develop new, innovative products and services more rapidly and solve problems. The faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft develops and offers knowledge on strategic design, while Schiphol offers ideal living labs at the airports. Over the next five years, forty students in the final year of their studies and PhD candidates from TU Delft will become part of operations at Royal Schiphol Group. Professor Sicco Santema will lead this project at IDE.

11 June 2019

Jasper van Kuijk presents new book on user-centered design

07 June 2019

Industrial Design Engineering and Schiphol join forces to accelerate innovations for passengers and the airport

05 June 2019

The wonderful world of the toilet

What does the toilet of the future look like? How much innovation is still possible in the sanitary world? Researcher Marian Loth from the IDE faculty answers these questions in the Belgian radio programme ‘De Wereld van Sofie’ (Radio 1).

05 June 2019

Flying-V offers new opportunities to improve passenger experience

The news of the KLM and TU Delft cooperation to develop the Flying-V aircraft to make aviation more sustainable travelled around the globe. KLM President Pieter Elbers and Dean of the faculty of Aerospace Engineering Henri Werij signed the cooperative agreement at the IATA Annual General Meeting in Seoul. The faculty of Industrial Design Engineering takes part in this exciting project.

05 June 2019

7 Lessons of Design

In November 2018, Pieter Jan Stappers gave a keynote on teaching design at the Design Education Summit (DEST) 2018 in Singapore. The presentation builds on the research project Codesign with Kids. The video of the presentation was recently published.

04 June 2019

TU Delft presents publication on impact of quantum internet

Emerging quantum technologies will impact industry and society at large, but how and to what extent we do not know yet.

02 June 2019

KLM and TU Delft join forces to make aviation more sustainable

KLM President & CEO Pieter Elbers and Dean of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) Professor Henri Werij today signed a new cooperative agreement to work together on making aviation more sustainable at the IATA Annual General Meeting in Seoul.

23 May 2019

Medisign students place second at Dutch Hacking Health

At the Dutch Hacking Health, a healthcare hackathon where healthcare problems are solved within a weekend in a multidisciplinairy group, a team of mostly DfI and IPD students were awarded second place in the Innovation category for their VR design in cooperation with SyncVR.

23 May 2019

Shower toilet is advancing: are we all going to spray our buttocks in the future?

There is a good chance that you have come across them (on holiday): toilets with a sprayer with which you can rinse your buttocks clean after going number 2. The toilet with shower function now also seems to be on the rise in the Netherlands. Associate professor Johan Molenbroek of the IDE faculty was interviewed about this by EditieNL (RTL News) on Monday 20 May. View the broadcast (in Dutch).

23 May 2019

Ingrid Mulder nominated for jubilee competition Bataafsch Society of Experimental Philosophy

Ingrid Mulder is one of the three candidates nominated for the jubilee competition to underline the importance of Experimental Philosophy for society, and to stimulate its application.

09 May 2019

Inaugural speeches: For truly sustainable design a new approach is needed

Materials getting scarce, and oceans full of plastic: a radical redesign of our business models, production processes and consumer behaviour is needed.

08 May 2019

Kaspar Jansen on Dutch TV about smart sportswear

With his research into smart sportswear that can prevent injuries, Kaspar Jansen (researcher IDE) was interviewed for the TV programme Sportlab Sedoc with Gregory Sedoc. RTL Z also recently made a nice video of Kaspar's research. Listen back to the programmes.

08 May 2019

Jasper van Kuijk at BNR about love for the design process

On Thursday 2 May Jasper van Kuijk, researcher IDE, was a guest at the Dutch radio programme De Technoloog (BNR). Jasper spoke about the improvements that can be made in IT care, about the disappearance of cash and about the touchscreens of cars. The underlying message: pay more attention to the design process and only then start building. Listen to the podcast.

08 May 2019

ID Education proudly presents: the Pluim awards 2019

On Wednesday 8 May, the ID Education Committee presented the yearly Pluim awards during Pluim-Kafee. These awards are given to IDE staff by students, to show their appreciation. The Pluim awards included ‘Best bachelor course’, ‘Most inspiring teacher’ for both bachelor and the three master programmes, and ‘Most appreciated employee’. In addition, this year there was a jury award for the support staff.

03 May 2019

Sustainability is a verb

Before we buy them, our products go through several phases where value is added to them. From cars and washing machines, to laptops and smartphones. Every product starts as a collection of raw materials. These have to be extracted first, after which a series of complex refining, manufacturing and transport processes start. Resources become materials, materials become parts, parts become products. Professors Conny Bakker and Ruth Mugge talk about sustainability in design.

01 May 2019

Podcast Metro21: Smart Cities Institute with IDE

Recently Christine De Lille, Barend Klitsie, Matthijs Netten and Rebecca Price of the faculty of IDE travelled to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh (USA) as part of the KLM Design Doing research. They shared their research with the ‘Metro21 Smart Cities Institute’ and also conducted a podcast.

24 April 2019

Willemijn Elkhuizen at BNR Nieuwsradio about 3D scanning technology

On Thursday 18 April, Willemijn Elkhuizen was interviewed by Thomas Schuurman from BNR Nieuwsradio (BNR News radio) for the programme BNR Techniektour (BNR Technique tour), together with Abbie Vandivere, curator at the Mauritshuis. They talked about the use of 3D scanning technology to reproduce and monitor paintings. Willemijn can be heard from around 12:15 min.

27 March 2019

IDE student runner up Golden RAI Wheel Student award

Imagine a jury is so impressed with your project, that they create an award just for you. IDE student Harm Cnossen became runner up with his graduation project ‘MIND, exclusivity through conduct’. But this year, in addition to the prize awarding of the Golden RAI Wheel (Gouden RAI Wiel), a student prize was also awarded for the first time at the annual RAI Automotive diner in The Hague on 25 March.