The majority of trucks is equipped with an external sun visor. The design of this product has not changed significantly since its first introduction around 1950. Despite the availability of alternative products such as tinted windows, users often make the decision to purchase this optional part. The truck industry is focusing increasingly on aspects such as comfort, safety and efficiency and the question arises if, and how improvements can be made to the sun visor.

Graduation Project

Vincent aus dem Kamen
Stefan van der Geer (Mentor)
Jos Oberdorf (Mentor)

The result of this project is a new sun visor combination for a DAF CF truck. A broad analysis that was performed was based on four pillars: Influence on Efficiency, Aesthetics, Materialization and Visibility & Sun Protection. This analysis resulted in various criteria, opportunities and insight in the deficiencies of the current DAF CF sun visor. An opportunity was found to satisfy the criteria of the four pillars with a combination of an external and interior part. Sun protection & Visibility is improved by an interior sun protection while the exterior sun visor improves Efficiency, Materialization and Aesthetics.