The Industrial Design bachelor final thesis is a comprehensive project covering the production, sales, esthetics and product characteristics of the design process. In this report several analysis-, extensive research- and conceptualization methods are used to cover a complete design process. ‘ElRogga: not an ordinary tent’ describes the development of a new inflatable tent. This tent is the result of the challenge of Vliegerop BV to develop an innovative tent design using their specialized techniques.

Bachelor End Project

Stijn Jagers op Akkerhuis
Vliegerop (Company)

Vliegerop is a Dutch company that has a lot of knowledge concerning inflatable objects. The holding specializes in beach sports. Their brand Peter Lynn Kites is one of the leading kite surf brands in the world. This brand is uses inflatable air tubes to create a stiff skeleton optimized for kitesurf kites. The air tubes are made of a polymer innerand a stiff textile outer tube (Dacron) and can withstand great loads when inflated. These tubes can function as the structural backbone of inflatable tents.

The project is unique in its kind. The techniques used, have seldom been applied to tents on such a scale. The project comprises design, strategy a bit of ingenuity. The project is a nice example of what the intensive Bachelor Final thesis project can lead to. ‘elRogga’ is currently still in development. After this project I started helping developing a new product line for Vliegerop bv. At the moment prototyping is done.