Recent researches show that digital transformation is top priority in the retail sector. But retailers face difficulties to make successful use of digital technologies in the store. Digital innovations instore are frequently seen as unnecessary, unintuitive and uncomfortable by the consumers. Furthermore, the personalization strategies initiated with digital technologies are not using personal data in a humanized way. The aim of project was to develop a design framework which can be used as guidance for designing a new brand touch point instore using personal data. The framework is used for designing a new in-store experience for Nike, namely the Nike Fitroom.

Graduation Project

Myrthe Montijn
Jeroen van Erp (Mentor)
Kranlin Heijnen (Company Mentor - Deloitte)

The Nike Fitroom is a digital immersive fitting room to encourage the non-customers to try Nike products too. The Fitting room delivers an engaging customer experience by combining a deep understanding of user needs with different (digital) technologies. The Fitroom experience is customized and optimized by using personal attitudinal data. Personal consumer goals are uncovered with a light-hearted and encouraging dialogue on the smart mirror. The visitor can try the product in a truly personalized Fitroom, stimulating the user to achieve their personal goals by triggering personal intrinsic motivations.

The Fitroom can be the first step into a complete personalized Nike journey, making use of the same attitudinal data. As a result Nike will strengthen its brand values and move towards a coherent omni-channel brand experience. This project is a great example of combining the three IDE pillars (business, human and technology) in a strategic way. It delivered a very creative concept that is the outcome of both a well-done design process and a careful business reflection. Furthermore, the project has used and combined different theoretical perspectives, and extended one of the main theoretical frameworks developed by our faculty (design for emotion). The student is now working on thinking about a working prototype to be used for further test.