Crecol: A Table Supporting Teamwork Students

Group work, interaction and studying, these are some of the things that are important when thinking about The Pulse building. This will be the newest study venue at the TU Delft. Dozens of places for the ambitious students of this students are in the making. The role that has been given to us is to make a product in this office environment.

We believe in a new way of studying, the kind where your object is your teammate. That is what we did with our product: the table Crecol. She is an interactive table, which means that the product acts on the behaviour of the people working at her. Making sure the group has an interactive, pleasant and effective meaning, making studying more fun. Making sure of creative collaboration is our main goal. Which means that the students work upon each other's ideas and get a suiting come out. 

Four people can make use of Crecol at the same time. More people is possible because of her modularity. We strongly believe that Crecol will stimulate groups to have effective meetings and reach creative collaboration.

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