JOY eases the lives of young parents and enhances the interaction with their newborns while sparing space at home. It is a mobile structure suitable to position the baby while parents eat, cook and share the living room. 

The system is modular allowing three different applications in one, which are attached with the use of hooks: Chair, baby gym and hammock. Using hooks makes it very easy to change the applications when needed, by just detaching and attaching them to the structure. 

The system therefore supports a natural flow within home areas as parents don't have to reposition their babies in different devices when moving to another area within home or changing activities, babies can simply be pushed around, and applications can be changed when needed. Such as Hammock in the kitchen while parents prepare food or chair when eating at the dining table. 

The mobility and versatility of JOY spare the need of multiple positioning devices in common areas, reducing the space they normally occupy. The design of JOY is meant to fit the lifestyle of young parents by matching adult design preferences, smoothing the transition from couple life to a parent-lifestyle.

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