For the Design Strategy Project in de SPD master, a collaboration strategy had to be designed for Vanderlande, a logistics and parcel company. Right now in Vanderlande there are several challenges regarding collaboration among divisions:

  • There is a difference of expectation of employees that work in different department in Vanderlande
  • Different departments make use of different design processes and do not understand each other
  • Vanderlande has a very complex IT landscape, which results in limited IT understanding and little to no documentation

So things need to change in the future in order to achieve better results and solve the problems stated above. To do so, the way of sharing information needs to change. When this is achieved it will save time in documenting and give structure to the workflow. Furthermore, trust is an important topic when collaborating. When there is trust, it will nurture collaboration. For trusting one another, people need to be able to learn how to share insights, concerns and expectations.

For this Lavoro has been designed. The Lavoro package consists out of two different elements. The first element is the Lavoro online system, the second element is the Lavoro discussion tool. Both elements complement each other and will be distributed at the same time. With the Lavoro Package, the acquired company [MdK1]and Vanderlande have the opportunity to improve their collaboration and communication. The Lavoro system helps in coordinating a certain project because of milestones that are assigned to employees. An employee can only continue with new tasks if previous milestones have been completed in the right way. The Lavoro discussion tool helps employees with communicating and making project expectation explicit. Therefore, the slogan of Lavoro: Collaborate, Communicate, Coordinate.

This proposal for Vanderlande reduces the complexity of the organisation and its IT landscape, since it has all the functions that are needed for a good collaboration in one package.

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