Track Me & Chase Me: An Engaging Environment for Paediatric Therapy

Track Me and Chase Me are two designs within the proposal for a new, engaging environment for paediatric physiotherapy of children from 2 to 9 years old. The aim of this environment is to support a variety of physical activities for different target groups; invite children to explore the environment, engage them in play and challenge them on their own level. But also allow therapists to easily adapt the environment to a training or play situation.

Track Me and Chase Me are developed for the Child Development and Exercise Center of the Wilhelmina ChildrenÕs Hospital. During the design process physiotherapists have been involved continuously, in order to make sure the designs support the way they treat and train children. In order to make sure the designs actually engage children in their playing behaviour, children have also been involved in the design process. 

The designs

Track Me consists of four large elements that can be arranged in various positions by therapists or children. In this way Track Me can create, for example, a training track or play environment that supports activities like climbing, crawling, jumping, balancing, and constructing. Chase Me consistsÊof smaller, interactive elements that have an irregular shape and can respond on a childÕs actions by means of LED-light. Chase Me features a 'chase'- and a 'free play'-mode, and supports activities like running, reaching, aiming, picking up, holding and manipulating. Track Me and Chase Me will be used in an environment that has an open-ended character, and that alternates between open space for sports and tests, and routes and targets that can be used for play.

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