A Family Car for 2012 (1998)

Lowie Vermeersch

Supervisory Team
Jan Jacobs
Matthijs van Dijk
Gerard Loosschilder

Pininfarina Studi e Richerche
Ken Okuyama

With only three out of hundreds of applicants being successful, securing an internship at Pininfirina was a dream come true for Lowie Vermeersch. He opted to create a car for the average family, rather than cater for a niche market.

His design was nevertheless futuristic, with an inside out design approach and aerodynamic outer shape. Traditionally, a car interior consists of the space that is left around its functional parts. Vermeersch gave his car a clean cut interior space with a raised flat floor, separating the interior from the functional parts, such as the hydrogen fuel cells. He also deviated from the norm of designing a car mostly for its driver, recognising that this leads to single-occupancy cars. His design reflects instead the typical family in the year 2012, less hierarchical and more a unity of equal individuals. This was reflected in four seating areas, similar in design, that are organised around a moveable and shared center console.

360° Experience:

The concept car was never meant for production, but its exterior design approach can be found in eco-conscious cars such as the Toyota Prius. The clean interior design with unobtrusive controls and equality in seating can also be seen today in cars like Tesla Model 3.