Bagage Drop-off Point (2007)

Floris Wiegerinck

Supervisory Team
Bruno Ninaber van Eyben
Fons Neger

Jorick Naber

Eindhoven Airport
Leon Wernaart

By 2007 self-service kiosks were a common sight at airports, and the seasoned traveller could even check in from home via the internet. Self-service baggage drop-off would be the next step in this evolution. Floris Wiegerinck joined startup Quintech to design a system that could decrease costs, increase passenger flow, and was comfortable to use for all travellers.

Wiegerinck focused on reducing airport stress. His drop-off station was safe and easy to use. It was clear how and where you had to place your luggage, but in case of problems, airport staff could simply flip around the screen to provide assistance.

Wiegerinckā€™s concept also included his vision for the departure hall itself. Travellers should be guided through the hall in a natural flow and be able to see which way to go from first glance.

Quintech later became the baggage handling company, Type22, which in turn was bought by SITA in 2015. SITAā€™s BagDrop, a final iteration of what Wiegerinck originally worked on, can be found at Amsterdam Schiphol, Brussels and many other airports.