Electric Scooter (2008)

Sanne Pelgröm

Supervisory Team
Sacha Silvester
Ruud van Heur

M. Schreuder

Most consumers would not readily give up their cars, Sanne Pelgröm realised, so how could he make transport more sustainable when car ownership was a given? With no single solution for green mobility in existence, Pelgröm decided to look for ways to connect systems, focusing on the best option for the individual.

He came up with an electric scooter to cover the distance between the transport hub and the final destination. Its foldable design made it easy carry along and store away. To encourage drivers to overcome their initial embarrassment at using something that had hitherto been considered a toy, the scooter had to look and feel like a smart and natural extension of the automotive, conferring status to its user. Designed around its then, still bulky battery, Pelgröm gave his scooter a sturdy feel. When folded out, the system locked into place with a satisfying click, creating a wow effect on opening.

360° Experience:

Electric scooters as a last mile solution, like the Bird, are booming as part of a sharing economy, rather than as an integral part of a car. New developments in the automotive industry hint at large scale adoption of Pelgröm’s vision of integrating last mile electric vehicles.