Home Recycling Box (1988)

Ton Rademaker

Supervisory Team
Jan Jacobs
Mickey van Ooy

Kotrac Milieu
Albert Zweers

Back in the 1980s, director of Kotrac Milieu Jos Kouwenhoven had a vision: he wanted to supply the world with recycling systems, at a time when the idea of separating household waste into different categories had not yet been introduced.

So how can you stimulate consumers to recycle more than just bottles? Ton Rademaker set out to make a product that might stimulate a change in behaviour. He designed a modular system to separate bottles, cans and newspapers that made waste separation easy by bringing it indoors.

To take the system’s green credentials one step further, the individual boxes could be attached to a bike rack and cycled over to the communal collection point. While its dimensions were suited to the more modest quantities of domestic waste produced in the eighties, Rademaker’s Home Recycling Box was certainly a forerunner of current systems.

About the design process:

Recycling has become normal and home recycling systems are now widely available. Dutch designed BinBang offers a system itself made from waste materials. IKEA SORTERA brings recycling to the masses. People take pride in the positive action of separating their waste.