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19 March 2019

Is there a future for cash?

Igo Boerrigter, master student at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft, was commissioned by De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), the central bank of the Netherlands, to analyse the current use of cash. Based on this analysis he made recommendations for a sustainable, usable and affordable cash system for the future. He also devised a more user-friendly alternative to coins.

07 March 2019

Contributing to a better world

The faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft exists for 50 years. Once the study started with two students; now there are two thousand. One thing has remained the same. "Here we design the world of the future," says dean Ena Voûte.

29 November 2018

Paul Hekkert in Dutch television show Voor de Vorm

In the Dutch public broadcasting show ‘Voor de Vorm’, designer Christien Meinderstma examines the shape of everyday objects. This episode is about the mobile phone. Our very own Paul Hekkert contributed to this episode.

28 November 2018

Elmer van Grondelle at BNR Newsradio's Big Five

The role of the car is changing, and so the design also changes drastically. In BNR's Big Five of the Car, Elmer van Grondelle, car designer and teacher of Advanced Automotive Design from the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, explains how the car starts at the drawing board. Presenter of the radio programme is Roelof Hemmen. (In Dutch.)

09 August 2018

Design solutions for Schiphol Airport’s busiest day

IDE researchers Suzanne Hiemstra-van Mastrigt and Sicco Santema, of the European PASSME project, were invited by several Dutch media to talk about their efforts to reduce unwanted travel time for passengers.

11 July 2018

Mezzo to offer family conversation tool MyFutures

The Dutch national association for home-care Mezzo has started offering the Family Talk package, one of the results of the MyFutures project. This package was designed by researchers of IDE and Design Academy Eindhoven researchers, design agency Muzus, several care institutions and municipalities. “A conversation about the futures always feels to be too soon, until it is too late.”

30 May 2018

PASSME Showcase Event in the media

On Tuesday 29 May, the PASSME Showcase Event took place at Schiphol Airport, organised because of the completion of PASSME after three years of research. Amongst others, researchers of the faculty of IDE were involved in this project. As a result of their findings and recommendations, there was a lot of media attention during the closing of the project.

28 March 2018

MIT benchmark puts TU Delft at the forefront of innovative education

25 October 2017

Sylvia Pont makes Klaas invisible

In the Dutch TV programme Klaas Kan Alles (Klaas can do everything) of NPO, Klaas visits Professor Sylvia Pont of the faculty of IDE (TU Delft). Sylvia is researching how we perceive. Also, the invisibility of objects belongs to it. By playing with different lenses she can make a piece of Klaas invisible. She also unveils the technique behind the centuries-old magicians trick the 'Pepper's ghost trick'. Watch the broadcast.

04 October 2017

Lots of media attention for symposium User-centred OV-payment

On Thursday, 28 September, the symposium User-centred OV-payment took place at the faculty of IDE. Under the guidance of assistant professor Jasper van Kuijk of the faculty of IDE, six improvement proposals were presented for user-friendly and thus more attractive OV payments in the Netherlands. A lot of news media gave attention to this.