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31 May 2017

IDE alumni in TV show 'Heroes of the Wilderness'

Alexandra Vosmaer and Dirk-Jan Oudshoorn, both IDE alumni, can be seen in the Dutch TV series Helden van de Wildernis (Heroes of the Wilderness) with presenter Art Rooijakkers. They tell about their struggle to give the forest and the orang utans in Indonesia a future. For one of the foundations for which they work, Masarang, several IDE students have worked their too, during their Joint Master Project of IDE.

03 May 2017

Hundred Samsonite suitcases and lots of media attention for PASSME researchers

On Friday 5 May, suitcase manufacturer Samsonite supplies one hundred suitcases to the PASSME research team of the faculty of IDE. The researchers will carry out experiments in the Boeing fuselage on the university campus.

24 April 2017

TU Delft researchers improve travel experience at Schiphol airport

With the May holiday in full swing, Amsterdam's Schiphol airport has been extremely busy in recent days. But that could all change in the future thanks to PASSME, a European research project involving 12 knowledge partners and coordinated by TU Delft. Professor Sicco Santema from the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering explained the project on the Dutch TV news programme NOS Journaal on 22 April.

22 March 2017

‘Growth versus environment in Vietnam’ - Jotte the Koning at VPRO

"Vietnam is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The coffee beans, rice and shrimp in the Mekong go all over the world. But thus it runs up against the limits of the environment." Jotte de Koning (faculty of IDE) tells about this at the radio programma Bureau Buitenland of the VPRO.

22 March 2017

Lots of media attention for cooperation between TU Delft and KLM

On Wednesday 15 March, TU Delft and KLM confirmed a long-term cooperation agreement under the title Design Doing at Royal Dutch Airlines. That happened at the Passenger Terminal Expo in Amsterdam. The news of this unique collaboration was well picked up by the relevant media.

08 March 2017

Sicco Santema and Suzanne Hiemstra-Mastrigt at BNR News radio

On Wednesday 7 March, Sicco Santema and Suzanne Hiemstra-van Mastrigt of the faculty of IDE where guests at the radio programme Eyeopeners of BNR News radio. They spoke about the PASSME project that TU Delft is coordinating at European level.

08 March 2017

Ingrid Mulder about ‘Empowering People to Create Social Change’ on Impact Boom

In the 15th episode of Impact Boom's podcast, Ingrid Mulder of the faculty of IDE shares her experience in participatory city making projects and academia, the shift in tertiary education, and the importance of empowering citizens to engage in dialogue and impact projects.

08 March 2017

‘Why do we fall back on old devices’ - Erik Jan Hultink in De Volkskrant

“Consumers don’t like complexity. In any case, such a Nokia gives a promise of a world that was understandable. Products, especially electronics, are becoming more complicated.” This tells Prof. Erik Jan Hultink (faculty of IDE) in an interview with De Volkskrant about falling back on old devices, such as the Nokia 3310.

09 February 2017

'TU Delft offers free introduction to the circular economy' – Circulate News

“This edition of the MOOC is self-paced, which means all the course materials are available 24/7 and you can take the course on your own schedule. No deadlines, no stress. Great content.” This tells course instructor Conny Bakker of the faculty of IDE in an article on Circulate News.

02 February 2017

‘Real estate has to offer the world a lot of health' - magazine E&I

Almost every engineer experiences it: ‘vague’ complaints about the indoor environment. The measurements are good, but the users are dissatisfied. Paul Roelofsen researched this and promoted in December on this issue with Prof. Peter Vink (faculty IDE, TU Delft). You can read an interview with Paul in the magazine E&I.