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19 September 2019

Jasper van Kuijk in The Monitor about ICT in healthcare

Jasper van Kuijk was interviewed in the surrounds of our faculty for NPO’s 'The Monitor'. In this Dutch documentary which investigates serious societal issues, Jasper gives his perspective on the poor usability of electronic medical files in the Dutch healthcare system. Jasper is interviewed from 10 minutes.

11 September 2019

Jasper van Kuijk in NPO episode TMI: "Attention"

A new NPO series is examining the design and psychological techniques used by companies to attract our information. In this edition (in Dutch) IDE's Jasper van Kuijk comments on McDonald's recent adoption of the colour green in its branding, the tricks used by to secure our hotel reservations and how difficult it is to unsubscribe from the National Postcode Lottery.

11 July 2019

IDE students upcycle kerosene lamps

Have you ever heard of the word karabai? It is Swahili for kerosene lamp. These lamps are widely used in Tanzania – for example during night fishing but are problematic due to kerosene’s explosive nature and the noxious gas that it emits.

10 July 2019

Elif Özcan-Vieira’s work featured in New York Times

With her work on combatting noise and alarm fatigue in hospitals, Elif Özcan-Vieira captured the attention of the New York Times. She was interviewed about her research with the Critical Alarms Lab. The article is out now!

26 June 2019

Paintrobot 'Bob Rob'

Can a painting be considered ‘art’ if it is constructed by artificial intelligence and painted by a robot? The performance Paintrobot ‘Bob Rob’ posed this question in a German art exhibition that recently took place. With one of the Universal Robots manipulators of the Applied Labs, a multidisciplinary team established a system, which is able to use sensory information, calculate a painting and paint it with different colours.

26 June 2019

IDE student BestGraduate 2019

Marco van der Woude, IDE student (TU Delft) who is taking a master's degree in Strategic Product Design has become BestGraduates winner. He received the prize of € 10,000 and an honorable mention and attention from the Dutch business community. BestGraduates works together with the top employers in the Netherlands. Read the article (in Dutch).

19 June 2019

Discussing bio-based material experiences with Elvin Karana

The world of design is in need of new materials that align with the urgency for sustainability. Issues such as climate change, plastic waste and harmful materials require us to explore new paths and develop new methods.

05 June 2019

The wonderful world of the toilet

What does the toilet of the future look like? How much innovation is still possible in the sanitary world? Researcher Marian Loth from the IDE faculty answers these questions in the Belgian radio programme ‘De Wereld van Sofie’ (Radio 1).

05 June 2019

Flying-V offers new opportunities to improve passenger experience

The news of the KLM and TU Delft cooperation to develop the Flying-V aircraft to make aviation more sustainable travelled around the globe. KLM President Pieter Elbers and Dean of the faculty of Aerospace Engineering Henri Werij signed the cooperative agreement at the IATA Annual General Meeting in Seoul. The faculty of Industrial Design Engineering takes part in this exciting project.

23 May 2019

Shower toilet is advancing: are we all going to spray our buttocks in the future?

There is a good chance that you have come across them (on holiday): toilets with a sprayer with which you can rinse your buttocks clean after going number 2. The toilet with shower function now also seems to be on the rise in the Netherlands. Associate professor Johan Molenbroek of the IDE faculty was interviewed about this by EditieNL (RTL News) on Monday 20 May. View the broadcast (in Dutch).