MSc. Hoftijzer, J.W.

Coördinator design drawing education IO and IDE
Dept: Industrial Design; Section: HICD; Group: design drawing and visualization 


  • Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft 


  • Multipurpose VoF graphic design
  • GE Plastics graduation project
  • First Design/ First/ People Creating Value, Design Agency: concept and product design
  • Indes bv, Design Agency: concept and product design
  • Goliath Games: product design and development
  • University of Twente: assistant professor: design drawing courses, design management coordinator, design projects, graduation students, PhD research ‘User Led Design: design for DIY’

Specialisation / field of research

Do-It-Yourself design, co-creation, (tool)kits, design for DIY, customization, User led  design, concept design, Design of consumer products, Ideation, Visualization, design practice, board game design, design management, design drawing/sketching, international cooperation.

Lectures and/or coaches students on

  • Lecturing
    Design drawing PO1, PO2, PO3, PO4 (B), Design visualization (B), Automotive Skills (minor B), Design drawing for exchange students (B/M), Product Communication & Presentation (M), Computer Sketching (M), Automotive Sketching (M)
  • Coordinator 
    IO1011 design drawing (dd), io1051 dd, io2010 dd, io2051 dd, io3900 dd, io3030, HMio3030, io1016zi, io3650, io4170 dd (PCP), id5221, id5272, id5252, id5462, id5247  
  • Have lectured: Design coach PO1, PO2, PO3 
  • Chair Graduation projects: DIY product design/ Design for DIY
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