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Ahmee, K.

PhD candidate, Design, Organisation and Strategy, Design Theory and Methodology

MSc. Albayrak, A.

Assistant Professor Applied Ergonomics & Design. Expertise: Design for Healthcare, Medisign

Alfrink, C.P., MA

PhD candidate, Design Engineering, Internet of Things. Expertise: Interaction design, Game design, Play, Internet of Things, Smart cities, Machine learning

M.Eng. Anjani, S., MBA

PhD candidate. Expertise: Human Factors and Ergonomics, Comfort, Vehicle Interior, Aircraft Interior, Seat Design.

Dr. Aschenbrenner, D.

Assistant Professor, Design Engineering, Internet of Things. Expertise: Smart manufacturing, Robotics, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Human Robot Interaction, Human Robot Coproduction

Dr. Assen, J.J.R. van

Post-doctoral Researcher, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow. Expertise: visual perception, psychophysics, cognitive modelling, computational neuroscience, computer graphics.

Prof. dr. Badke-Schaub, P.G.

Professor of Design Theory and Methodology. Expertise: Design methodology, Design research methodology, Analysis of thinking and acting processes, Problem solving and decision making in teams, Team coordination, communication & cooperation, Complexity in social context

Ir. Baha, S.E.

Lecturer, Product Innovation Management, Management and Organisation. Expertise: Designers' Identity, Design-Driven Innovation, Good Design, Design History, Design Philosophy, Interaction Design

Prof. dr. ir. Bakker, C.A.

Professor of Design Methodology for Sustainability and Circular Economy. Expertise: Design for sustainability, Design for circular economy, Design methodology

MSc. Bakker-Wu, S.

Lecturer Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Branding, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Packaging design, Supply chain, Marketing, Project management

MSc. Baldassarre, B.

PhD candidate, Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Sustainability, Circular Economy, Corporate Social Responsibility, Industrial Symbiosis, Impact assessment, Business Modeling, Value Co-creation, Entrepreneurship, Lean Startup, Collaborative Innovation Projects, Strategic Design, Service Design

Prof. dr. Balkenende, A.R.

Professor of Circular Product Design. Expertise: Circular product design, Design for Sustainability, Life cycle management

MSc. Barati, B.

Post-Doctoral Researcher Design Engineering

MSc. Barendregt, L.E.

PhD candidate. Expertise: Critical futures studies, Futures literacy, Critical design, Speculative design, Cultural studies, Anthropology, Ethnography, STS.

MSc. Beek, E. van

PhD candidate, Service and Product Innovation. Expertise: Product Service Systems, Participatory Design, Energy Studies, Heat Pumps, Data in Innovation, Intelligent Systems, Organisational Design, Buildings.

Ir. Beets, M.F.

Lecturer Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Strategy in innovation, Creativity, Trends

Dr. Bendor, R.

Assistant Professor Industrial Design Design Conceptualization and Communication

Ir. Berge, R.B.R. van den

PhD candidate, Design, Organisation and Strategy, Marketing and Consumer Behaviour. Expertise: Sustainable Consumer Behavior, Circular Economy, Circular Product Design, Product Longevity, Design for Repair

Ir. Berghuis, G.H.

Lecturer and coach Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Business modelling, Agile and Lean Start-Up, Pitching, Product Launch Strategy, Entrepreneurship

Dr. ir. Bijl-Brouwer, M. van der

Associate Professor Design for Social Innovation, Product Innovation Management, Design Theory & Methodology. Expertise: Social innovation, Public innovation, Design practices, Systemic design, Design for complexity, Human-centered design, Design for wellbeing, Designing together, Transdisciplinary design, Design education

Ir. Bluemink, R.G.H

Lecturer and PhD candidate Section Management and Organisation. Expertise: Innovation Management, Design Strategy, Design Engineering, Project Risk Management, Lean Project Planning

Dr. ir. Boeijen, A.G.C. van

Assistant Professor Industrial Design/Design Aesthetics. Expertise: Culture in design, Inter- and multi-national projects, Base of the Pyramid, Design methods

Dr. Dipl. - Des. Boess, S.U.

Assistant Professor Design for Interaction. Expertise: Design thinking and doing tools, Meaning in everyday system use, Health (ageing), mobility and ict in urban environments

Dr. ir. Boon, M.J.B.

Post-doctoral researcher. Expertise: Design, food and seasonality, Research through design, Design for children’s play

Ir. Boorsma, N.E.

PhD Candidate, Design for Remanufacturing. Expertise: Remanufacturing, Design for Remanufacturing, Strategic Product Design, Circular economy, Sustainability

Borges, E.I.A.

Education and Research support staff in Software and Electronics, Expertise: Real Time Systems and Robotics, Automation and Computers

MSc. Boru, A.

PhD candidate Industrial Design. Expertise: e-Health, ICT in Healthcare, Innovation Process and Models, New Product Development (NPD), Stakeholder Involvement and Assessment, Stakeholder Theory, Multi-Level Systems

Ir. Bos, P.

PhD candidate, Sustainable Design Engineering, Circular Product Design.

Dr. ir. Bos-de Vos, M.

Assistant Professor Design, Organisation and Strategy. Expertise: Business model design, Digital innovation, Value co-creation, Value capture, Professional identity, Project management

Dr. ir. Bourgeois, J.

Assistant Professor Internet of Things. Expertise: Personal Internet of Things Data, Participatory analysis and design, Supportive and user-centered systems, Sustainability and renewable energy

Prof. dr. ir. Bozzon, A.

Professor of Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence. Expertise: Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, Crowd Computing, User Modelling, Information Retrieval, Database Technology, Web Data Management, Data Science

Ir. Breemen, E.J.J. van

Assistant Professor Product Architecture Design. Expertise: Digital testing and assessment, Design didactics and methodology

Em. Prof. dr. ir. Brezet, J.C.

Emeritus Professor Department Design Engineering, section Design for Sustainability

Ir. Brinkman, C.

Lecturer, Design, Organisation and Strategy, Marketing and Consumer Behaviour

Ir. Brouwer, W.

Lecturer, Product Innovation Management, Marketing and Consumer Behaviour. Expertise: Creativity, Facilitation

MSc. Brown, P.

PhD candidate Circular Product Design. Expertise: Circular Product Design, Collaboration, Business Models, Sustainable Business models, Circular Business models

MSc. Buijs, M.J.J.

Lecturer. Expertise: Entrepreneurship by design.

MA. Burg, V. van der

PhD candidate. Expertise: Collaborative Artificial Intelligence, Design Processes, Creativity, Reflection, Psychology, Arts.

MSc. Buso, A.

PhD candidate, Design Engineering, Mechatronic Design. Expertise: Soft robotics, Comfort

Dr. Calabretta, G.

Associate Professor Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Design management, Integrating design skills and methods in companies, Designers in innovation strategy and early development, Competitive Advantage through Strategic Design (CASD), Creative Industry Scientific Program (CRISP)

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